With so many different streaming services competing for subscribers, customer satisfaction is an important factor in reducing churn and keeping viewers engaged.  According to a recent report by WhipMedia, Disney+ and Hulu are among the top streaming services behind, Max, that customers are satisfied with.

This report compares the major streaming services, including Netflix, Disney+, Max, Apple TV+, Hulu, Peacock, Paramount+, and Amazon Prime Video. The report found that overall satisfaction among the top-tier of streaming platforms, Netflix, Disney+ and Max, is waning, while the major mid-tier services, Apple TV+, Hulu, Peacock, Prime Video and Paramount+, rose in overall satisfaction due to changes in content quality, variety, and product value.

The report also looks at a wide range of platform characteristics, including the variety and quality of original and library series, movies, user experience, program recommendations, value, and more.

Hulu continues to return solid satisfaction in the quality and variety of originals, and across other measurements. The platform exhibits a relatively stable performance with a three-year average overall satisfaction of 88%. Hulu’s overall satisfaction has only shifted +/-2 points since 2021. The popular platform seems to represent a decent value exchange between content mix and subscriber cost.

One issue that Disney+ is struggling with is User Experience & Programming. Over the past year, Disney+ in the United States does offer a limited selection of content when compared to other streaming services, and the app hasn’t had any major updates in a while. Later this year, Disney+ is going to have a major upgrade in the US, as Hulu content will become available within Disney+, which might help increase the user experience & programming results next year.

Both Disney+ and Hulu are getting good results for their library content, slightly behind Max, showing that subscribers are generally happy with what’s available.  Though Disney+ and Hulu are struggling to offer more variety of content when compared to Max.

Overall, Disney+ was particularly hit hard in the categories of quality and variety of original series. While 77% and 71% of respondents are satisfied with Disney+’s quality and variety of originals, respectively, the platform shed -7 points in each category from last year — the largest decline of all SVODs.

While Disney+ still held on to its #4 ranking in both categories, the entertainment company faces subscriber attrition and hefty losses from its streaming operations, which surpassed $11 billion since Disney+ was introduced in 2019. 3 To make the platform profitable, Disney+ recently launched an ad-supported tier, raised existing subscriber prices, and is expected to crack down on account password sharing.

Disney is going to have to do more to up its game and keep subscribers happy, as according to this report, 30% of subscribers said they plan to spend less, and that 52% said that cancelling some services indefinitely or temporarily was becoming more common. And more people are going to be using FAST platforms to watch content, rather than paying a monthly fee.

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