The President of the United States has learned about the Skrull invasion, and it has overarching effects in future Marvel properties in the finale of the Marvel and Disney+ Original Limited Series, “Secret Invasion.” The two Skrulls who had gained extremis properties are now full blown Super Skrulls. Nick Fury finds a way to save the day, but the responsive actions of the leader he saved leads to bigger problems. And there’s a new alliance among two hardened individuals who know they are using each other for personal gain and won’t let friendship get in the way.

This was a strong finale episode that was still flawed in many ways. Still, at the end of the day, it sets things up well going forward. Nick Fury kills the Skrull version of Rhodey, saving the President’s life and preventing an attack that would’ve killed all of the people the Skrulls were impersonating. Unfortunately, the President went too far in the other direction. He basically ignites the “Secret Wars,” against the Skrulls leading to vigilantism and the murder of many innocent people. Fury tells him it will make him a one term President, and since we know Thunderbolt Ross is President in “Captain America: Brave New World,” it’s safe to say this decision will end President Rittson’s re-election bid.

Unfortunately, this episode also fell victim to some of the worst Marvel tropes. Gravik is an excellent villain. He needed to be stopped, but it would’ve been nice to have him return. From the writing, where we found out he killed both Giah’s mother and father, I understood her decision to kill him, but they are eventually going to run out of villains if they keep this up.

The big question that is essentially unanswered is when were these people turned to Skrulls. Rhodey is the biggest question. When he is freed, he is in a hospital gown and can’t walk on his own. That implies that he was probably taken not long after being injured during the events of “Captain America: Civil War.” We’ve seen him walk with help from Stark technology since then, but that was the last time we’ve seen him in a hospital gown and unable to walk. If that is the case, that means Rhodey was a Skrull in both “Infinity War” and “Endgame.” I’m also curious as to how long Everett Ross was a Skrull. He was there, but we don’t know for how long and, unlike Rhodey, it’s never actually hinted at how long he had been abducted.

Overall, this series was a lot of fun because it didn’t try to make Fury too big for his own britches. Fury knew he was reaping what he had sowed, but he also knew he had to work to repair the issue. He didn’t try to fight Gravik on his own, he sent G’iah, someone more motivated and better equipped for that battle. He teamed with Sonya to take out the lone Skrull endangering the President, and we learned more about his personal life. I like the street level aspect and allowing the ones with powers to be the ones with powers. I would like less extravagance and more gritty Marvel shows in the future and this was a nice move for Disney+

Rating: 3.5 stars

What did you think of Marvel’s “Secret Invasion?”

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