To tie in with the release of the new Latin American Original series, “PaPancho Villa: The Centaur Of The North” on Disney’s streaming services around the world, Hollywood Records has released the soundtrack on digital platforms including Amazon, Spotify and Apple.

This Spanish language action biopic chronicles the life of Doroteo Arango “Pancho Villa”, beginning from his life as a young bandit to the ambush that would result in his death, revealing a man fascinated with his own myth and who would do anything to grow it. Unfavorable historians relay the story to Hollywood figures eager to film the Robin Hood-esque character, who ranges from a womanizer to a cold-blooded killer, to an antagonist to the United States and the Mexican Napoleon. But above all, this was a man with an undying commitment to the Mexican Revolution. The good and bad sides of Pancho Villa are examined, from when he survived as a bandit to the grandiose personality that would bring him to become General Pancho Villa, Centaur of the North, the antihero fighting for redemption. Something more than human, perhaps even mystical, steeped in contradictions, Villa would generate hate, scorn, and respect.

This new album features original music composed by Nacho Rettally, who has previously worked on “Lady of Steel”, and “Till the Wedding Do Us Part”.

Here’s the tracklist for the album:

  • Centauro
  • Érase una vez Pancho Villa
  • Recuerdos escape
  • Amputado sin caballo
  • Polka de Alfonsina
  • Las Ponchas
  • Mamá murió
  • Plan de San Luis y la estación
  • La batalla perdida
  • Venustiano, Francisco y Gustavo
  • Batalla de Torreón
  • Luz Elena Villa Corral
  • Rodolfo Fierro
  • Villawood
  • Sucedió en Zacatecas
  • Villistas de infantería
  • La Santa niña
  • Principio del fin
  • El brazo de Obregón
  • Recuento
  • No me rindo

“Pancho Villa: The Centaur Of The North” is out now on Star+ in Latin America and on Disney+ around the world.

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