A new map created by Parkdean Resorts has revealed what every countries favourite Disney+ film is based on data by Google.  With Disney+ now having over 50 million monthly subscribers, with many self-quarantining at home.  It’s having a huge impact on those numbers.

So what does this look like broken down by country? The results might surprise you!

These are every country’s favourite Disney+ films!#

The study analysed Google search data to reveal which Disney+ film is the favourite in every country across the world.

Overall the worlds most popular Disney+ film choice is Frozen with 1.9 million Google searches globally every year since it launched.

This is then followed by Avatar, Cars and Aladdin.

Breaking this down by country, however, is even more interesting!

Each countries FAVOURITE Disney+ film

Country Film
U.S Frozen
UK Avatar
New Zealand Cars
India Aladdin
Brazil A Bug’s Life
Moldova Cinderella
Germany Mulan
UAE Lion King
High School Musical
France Ratatouille
Canada 101 Dalmatians
Australia Frozen
South Africa Mulan
Japan Frozen
Mexico A Bug’s Life
Saudi Arabia Wreck-it Ralph
Italy Cars
Pakistan Avatar
Spain Aladdin
Nigeria Avatar

The UK’s most popular Disney+ film is Avatar with the film also taking the top spot in most countries – with searches spiking in Antarctica, China, Turkey and Algeria.

The data shows that Avatar takes the crown in 28 countries, while Frozen is favourite in just 16 but has the largest amount of searches (1.9 million) of any Disney+films in the study.

The most favourite Disney+ film in the US is Frozen, with Cars being the favourite in New Zealand. 101 Dalmations is a top choice for those in Canada according to the study and Ratatouille being a FAVE in France.

North America loves two Disney classics

With two clear favourites, North America is torn between 101 Dalmatians in Canada and Frozen in the U.S. But the continent definitely agrees on Avatar, with the animated film being hugely popular across both countries.

Europes’ most favourite Disney+ films – study shows a real mix of choice

Revealed: Avatar and High School Musical take top spot in the UK

The research reveals a love of both modern and classic Disney films across the UK, with Avatar taking the top spot. Disney Channel’s, High School Musical comes in at second place, which was a smash hit with millennials on release in 2006.

Disney has since released several live-action revival of their most iconic films which has kept them popular. Lady and the Tramp, Cinderella, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King and Mulan all sit in the UK’s top ten and have had the blockbuster treatment, introducing the classic stories to a new generation.

Other standouts in the UK include modern animated favourites Moana and Cars.

Rank     Film                                          Annual Search Volume     
1 Avatar 365k
2 High School Musical 73k
3 Lady and the Tramp 55k
4 Cinderella 51k
5 Moana 48k
6 Aladdin 32k
7 Beauty and the Beast 27k
8 Lion King 21k
9 Cars 18k
10 Mulan 13k

Oceania has one firm favourite

When it comes to the other side of the pond, Australia are huge fans of Frozen, which makes up the majority of searches here. The continent also loves titles such as Cars and The Sound of Music.

Africa is a continent of Mulan lovers

Disney’s retelling of Chinese folk tale Mulan is Africa’s favourite, with titles such as Avatar and the Lion King also popular.

When it came to who loves Mulan the most, South Africa is leading the way, with over 8 thousand searches. Next for the top spot is the 2016 animated film with Hawaiian heritage, Moana.

South America loves A Bug’s Life

1998 Disney classic A Bug’s Life is South America’s absolute favourite. The continent is almost torn between that and Frozen, closely followed by enchanting classics such as Chronicles of Narnia and, of course, Avatar.


Asia is all about Frozen

Asia loves singing along as much as the rest of us, with Frozen as their overall favourite, particularly in Russia. Avatar hits the top spot in China, whereas India are huge fans of Aladdin.



What do you think of these results?  Do you agree or disagree?  Let us know in the comments below:

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