Following the huge success of the first “Avatar” film in 2009, development quickly began on a multiple-film plan, and after many delays, the first sequel, “Avatar: The Way Of Water” was released in 2022 and went on to become one of the biggest box office successes of all time, pulling in over two billion dollars.

While “Avatar: The Way Of Water” was being filmed, 20th Century Studios was also filming the third and some of the fourth film at the same time in New Zealand. With a fifth film is also set to follow, which means the director of the “Avatar” films, James Cameron, and his team are going to be working on this franchise for many more years to come.

Recently, James Cameron spoke during a recent New Zealand press conference moderated by 1News chief correspondent John Campbell and revealed that he is planning on making movies in New Zealand “indefinitely” and that he will become a New Zealand citizen next year, having spent almost twenty films filming the “Avatar” films in the country.

During this interview, he confirmed that he is currently in post-production on “Avatar 3” and that it’s still scheduled to hit cinemas on Christmas on December 19th, 2025.

“We’re into a very hectic two years of post-production right now. So it will be Christmas of 2025.”

Originally, “Avatar 3” was going to be released next Christmas, but it was delayed, which will likely give the franchise time away so fans won’t get too bored with it and also to make sure the special effects are as good as possible.

Disney’s upcoming theatrical release schedule currently has the fourth “Avatar” film set to arrive in cinemas on December 21st, 2029, and the fifth film will be released on December 19th, 2031.

When Disney announced the fifth film would arrive in cinemas in 2031, Zoe Saldaña, who starred as Neytiri in the movies, teased on social media about how long the films have taken to make.

“Great! I’m gonna be 53 when the last ‘Avatar’ comes out. I was 27 when I shot the very first ‘Avatar.’”

During the same press conference event, it was highlighted that the New Zealand government wants to add a levy on streaming services like Disney+ to help fund local productions and help with the costs of the broadband infrastructure.

The first two “Avatar” films are available to stream now on Disney+.

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