A Corgi goes surfing and helps the USO, while two other dogs help protect the nation’s food supply by detecting illnesses in bees in the latest episode of “It’s a Dog’s Life.” This series as a whole has been hit or miss. When it hits, it’s a fun show to watch with amazingly adorable dog content. When it misses, it isn’t bad, it’s just not great. And, this episode was a hit for me.

First up, Bill Farmer takes us to Huntington Beach, California to introduce us to Super Corgi Jojo. She’s a surfing Corgi that also serves as a veterans therapy dog for the USO. I love seeing the dogs that get involved with some kind of sport. I like sports. I like adorable dogs. I love seeing adorable dogs working with sports teams and sporting events. I don’t know how to surf, but Jojo makes me more curious about learning than any person has ever done. Also, many members of my family have served in the military, so I’m happy to see those who have served our country get help with any injuries; either physical, mental or emotional; they may have sustained. Jojo may just be my favorite dog featured on this show so far.

Then, Farmer takes the viewers all the way across the United States to a farm in Maryland where we meet Mack and Tukka. The pair of dogs help sniff out beehives to help detect a particular illness that could kill the bees. This is very important because bees are one of the most important parts of our ecosystem. They pollinate plants, specifically fruits and vegetables, and help keep the food supply going. It’s really cool to see these two dogs use their noses to help protect the food we need on a daily basis. They also don’t need to open the beehives to detect the illness so it keeps the bees safer. And, because they can detect issues faster than people, the farm is able to track hundreds more bees than it would if there were only humans working. While, I have no real affinity for bees; their stings hurt and many members of my family are allergic to them, they are incredibly important and it’s cool to see them being protected and how these dogs tie into it.

In Pluto’s Pointers, Bill Farmer gives the viewer tips they need when bringing home a rescue dog. This is incredibly important because there are so many dogs that need to be rescued, but the person doing the rescuing needs to know what to do to help make the transition easier for both dog and human.

Then, in Goofy’s Hometown Hero, we meet a dog that plays the piano and sings. This was really cool to see. I love it when animals are musically talented, even though I’m not musically talented. It was absolutely adorable to see the dog play the piano and the couple’s toddler grab her toy guitar to play with the dog. They make quite the cute duo.


Episode: 4 stars out of 5

Series: 3.5 stars out of 5

What did you think of this episode of “It’s a Dog’s Life?”

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