As part of “National Streaming Day”, Disney has announced new they’ve updated the Hulu app on Roku and tvOS devices, with it rolling out more broadly over the next few months.

Making Navigating Collections Easier 

Viewers can now navigate through collections vertically and explore within a collection by moving horizontally. This navigation pattern is something many viewers are accustomed to and matches the navigation pattern across Disney+ and ESPN+, making it easier for viewers who subscribe to the Disney bundle to switch between services and navigate with ease. When testing, viewers found it easy and intuitive to adjust to this updated navigation pattern.

They’ve also simplifying navigation. Categories of content like TV, Movies, and Sports will be moved to the master navigation, which gives viewers a clear pathway to find what they’re looking for. In the mood for a dramatic movie? This new navigation provides an easy way to navigate our vast library of content with fewer clicks than before.

Communicating More Information Through Tile Size 

Hulu’s new collection trays will continue to showcase content in a focused way while also using tile size as another way to communicate information.  With newer and important content shown in a larger in size. “Keep Watching” tiles however may be smaller, so viewers can see more of their titles at a glance and quickly return to their favorite shows with less clicks.

More Personalized Collections by our Content Experts and Recommendation System 

Hulu has also made some additional to changes to the user experience and made some backend changes to improve the way their recommendations work.  They are using human editors surfacing content, in addition to smart algorithms identifying the next binge-worthy series for you to watch.

Starting today, Hulu’s team of content experts and recommendation system work even more closely together, with their recommendation system fine-tuning curated collections so they are more personalized for our viewers.

With this change, a viewer who may be a fan of medical dramas will see those titles first in a curated drama collection. In that same collection, a fan of romantic dramas may see those prioritized instead.

These updates to the UI, paired with more powerful expert and algorithmic curation, should make Hulu’s content discovery and navigation experience easier to use and more personalized than ever before.  More changes will be coming soon.


Are you looking forward to seeing Hulu’s new user interface?

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Roger Palmer

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  1. Marc Reiser May 21, 2020

    When will Hulu finally be in DolbyDigital via AppleTV?? it's the only streaming platform still in PCM!!