The Canadian government has signed the Online Streaming Act (Bill C-11) into law this week, which means streaming services, including Disney+, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video, are now going to be regulated by similar laws that apply to the television networks.

This means that Disney will now be required to “contribute to the creation and availability of Canadian stories and music” and “pay their fair share in supporting Canadian artists, just like traditional broadcasters”. Should Disney+ or other streaming services fail to comply with this law, the local regulator, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) can impose fines and other penalties.

The government says the bill will “create more opportunities for Canadian producers, directors, writers, actors, and musicians to create high-quality audio and audiovisual content,” give audiences easier access to Canadian and Indigenous stories, and creates “one fair set of rules for all comparable broadcasters — online or on traditional media.”

The new law has been brought in to protect the country’s film and television industry, to make sure that large global streaming platforms like Disney+ don’t just flood the country with imported content, without making anything directly in Canada.

Disney already creates lots of films and shows in Canada, including some recent Disney+ releases, including “Peter Pan & Wendy” and “Sneakerella”. Many films and shows filming in Vancouver or Toronto, due to tax benefits and other bonuses.

Many countries around the world have similar rules, including in Europe, which requires 30% of the content available on streaming services to be made within Europe. And Australia is also looking to introduce a similar content quota system. This is why Disney has been creating more content around the world, such as the recent German series, “Sam – A Saxon”, and the upcoming Australian series, “The Clearing”. These quotas also are a reason why Disney+ in the UK and Europe have many more licensed films and shows to ensure they comply.

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