The impact of the Screen Actors Guild going on strike earlier this month has caused filming on many shows and movies to come to a halt, but one of the other big issues that the strike has caused, is that actors are not able to do any promotion for upcoming films or shows. This means there are no red-carpet premiere events, no interviews with outlets, no special appearances, etc.

While some actors have previously recorded some promotional videos and interviews for upcoming releases like “Ahsoka” and “Haunted Mansion”, as the strike goes on, for films and shows coming out later in the year, won’t have any pre-recorded content available. This is one reason why for the past month, the studios have been heavily promoting films like “Barbie” and “Indiana Jones” weeks before the release dates, to make sure the advertising was done. And there is a worry that should the strike continue too long, not having the stars available to promote the new films, might impact the box office success.

Ultimately, the main reason for the strike by the actor’s and writer’s unions is to cause enough disruption to the studio’s plans, to bring them all back to the table to negotiate a better deal to improve pay and conditions.

According to Bloomberg, Disney is reviewing its upcoming release schedule for the rest of the year and is considering delaying some titles, since if the strike continues too long, the actors won’t be available to promote the films, which could impact the box office numbers.

The discussions are still in an early stage, and there are several films scheduled for later this year, including Searchlight Pictures, “Poor Things”, “Next Goal Wins”, and “Magazine Dreams”. In addition to “A Haunting In Venice”, “Wish”, and “The Marvels”.

Until the review is complete, we might not hear if any films are going to be delayed. These delays would have a knock-on impact on the 2024 schedule, which is what many within the theatrical business are worried about. However, given the recent string of summer blockbuster box office disappointments, which have seen many major films struggling to find an audience, with major titles being released weekly, spacing out some films, may allow a bit more breathing room for these releases. Only earlier this year, Disney rescheduled many of its films, pushing back future instalments of the “Avengers” and “Avatar”, so it isn’t averse to delaying films.

Following several high-profile box-office disappointments with “Indiana Jones And The Dial Of Destiny”, “Elemental”, “Ant-Man And The Wasp: Quantumania” and “The Little Mermaid”, Disney isn’t going to want any more box office missteps.

Disney’s “Haunted Mansion” is scheduled to arrive in cinemas later this week and isn’t expected to be impacted, since there has been some promotion for the film. And only this past week, Disney has released new trailers for “The Marvels” and “A Haunting In Venice”, but Disney may want to hold them back for its 2024 slate, if it fails to reach a deal with the actors and writers to get filming again. Hopefully, the studios and unions can get back together to reach an agreement soon, to pay its actors and writers better, while also allowing normal service to resume.

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