Disney+ has officially confirmed that consumers will be able to subscribe to Disney+ directly or via in-app purchase and start streaming from the following partner platforms and devices (dependent on country):

  • Apple (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Apple TV, and fully integrated with the Apple TV app; customers can subscribe to Disney+ via in-app purchase);
  • Google (Android phones, Android TV devices, Google Chromecast and Chromecast built-in devices);
  • Microsoft (Xbox One);
  • Sony / Sony Interactive Entertainment (all Android based Sony TVs and PlayStation 4);
  • Roku (Roku streaming players and Roku TV™ models)
  • PC via web browsers

Last week during the latest Walt Disney Company investors call, CEO Bob Iger announced:

“We’re pleased to announce partnerships with Amazon Fire [TV], LG, and Samsung devices.”

This means that Amazon devices such as the Fire Stick and Fire Tablets will be supported, along with LG and Samsung Smart TV’s.

With all of these devices, it’s important to note that older models may not be compatible.

On November 12th, you will simply need to go into your device’s “App” store and search for Disney+, then simply download the app and either log in if you’ve already signed up or sign up for a new subscription.



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