Following the success of the release of “Luca” this past summer, this Disney+ Day, we take a little mini-break back to Portorosso and catch up with Alberto, who is enjoying his new life in Portorosso working alongside Massimo—the imposing, tattooed, one-armed fisherman of few words.

With Luca away at school, Alberto is trying his best to impress Massimo, but after multiple failed attempts to make a personal connection to his “boss”, including making dinner, loading the truck, and delivering the fish to customers. One small mistake too many, leads Alberto to leave, finally results in Massimo opening up to Alberto.

The father/son dynamic of the short is lovely, because Massimo doesn’t show much affection or attention, Alberto naturally feels rejected, but ultimately, it’s working.   While Alberto is trying to convince himself he is an employee, seeing them have a breakthrough moment and getting their relationship on track is a perfect moment in the short.

Had “Luca” been released a few years ago, pre-Disney+, this short probably would have been released on the home video version as a little exclusive, but now they become great little Disney+ releases, that can extend the stories of the characters from the films and cheer us all up.

Coming in at just over 5 minutes long, this short is a lovely little trip back to the world of “Luca”, it’s full of fun moments and some touching scenes that make this short worth checking out, making it one of the highlights of the Disney+ Day lineup.  If you liked “Luca”, then you’ll love “Ciao Alberto” too.

Rating: 4 out of 5

“Ciao Alberto” is available now on Disney+.

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Roger Palmer

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