Santa has retired and a younger Santa with different ideas has taken his place, but the magic seems to be gone in the latest episode of the Disney+ Original Series, “The Santa Clauses.” The Calvin-Claus family is now living in the Chicago area while the new Santa Claus is trying new ideas to make it Christmas every day. That’s leading to problems and revolts from the elves. Meanwhile, Scott Calvin now has to re-adjust to normal life while his family is thriving, he is struggling.

After three episodes with no real villain, Kal Penn’s character, Simon Choksi is finally acting somewhat villainous. He lost the Santa coat. He is cutting costs while trying to increase output and that is leading to anger, frustration and eventually him firing his own head elf when she warns him the path he’s on is destructive. Meanwhile, Noel, who loves Santa more than his own wife, has headed to Chicago to try to convince Scott Calvin to again take up the mantle of Santa Claus. Scott is correct that any successor will need time to figure out his own style, but the elves are correct that the long term damage from Simon’s path will destroy Christmas.

In the end, we get a surprise when the now-former head elf visits the witch, asks her to not give the new Santa the coat and asks to contact “him.” We see a hand on Scott Calvin’s shoulder as the episode ends. But who could it be? My guess is she has contacted Bernard, the head elf from original “The Santa Clause.” He and Scott Calvin had quite the unique relationship and he will be able to help Scott find himself in his new life, help the new Santa; whether it is still Simon or not; transition into the role and help restore order at the North Pole. If it’s anyone other than Bernard, it will be unpredictable, but this is a case where predictability is the best option.

This is a fun, feel good story that is perfect for Disney+. Most of the jokes are cute and wholesome. And, as Roger tweeted, it’s a story of “a CEO who decides to retire, is replaced by a cost cutter, and the employees want the old CEO to return because the magic is gone.” I know they couldn’t predict the future when they filmed this series, but it’s very timely given what’s going on at Disney right now. Plus, it’s exactly the type of series I’m looking to watch this time of year.

Rating: 4 stars

What did you think of this most recent episode of “The Santa Clauses?”

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Jeremy Brown

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