Nielsen has released some new data on the current state of streaming in the United States, which has revealed how each much of the total viewership of the streaming services against traditional linear Broadcast and Cable.

Streaming now makes up 37.7% of people’s television viewing time, and it is now the main way that people watch shows and films in the US.  With the gradual decline in broadcast and cable viewership over the last decade, which got a super-boost during the pandemic, studios, including Disney, have been making big changes to their future plans, since linear continues to shrink month on month.   To compare, in June 2021, linear represented 63.6% of TV usage and is now just 51.4% in June this year.

When comparing the amount of viewership that is using streaming platforms, Disney+ is the fourth largest single platform in the US, and Hulu is the second most popular streaming service.  This shows how Disney’s plan to merge the two platforms together later this year is going to help improve its overall position in the streaming wars, since there are lots of cost-saving benefits, but more importantly, Hulu and Disney+, together offer a huge selection of original and library content that appeals to everyone.

Disney+ grew its overall viewership, with a monthly high in June, along with Netflix, Prime Video, Tubi, Peacock and YouTube.

One of the key growth areas in June has been how much the 2-11 and 12-17 age groups.  These groups increased their TV use by 16 per cent and 24 per cent in June, which is generally a reflection of all the extra free time that these groups have since schools are out in the US.  The data also revealed that 90% of these age groups use streaming to watch TV, showcasing why Disney is moving away from linear.  One of the biggest hits for Disney+ has been “Bluey”!

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