One of the biggest successes in the streaming world is the growth of Fox’s free streaming service, Tubi, which now has over 80 million active monthly users.  And today, the free streaming service has launched in the United Kingdom.

Tubi has launched with over 20,000 movies and TV episodes on-demand, featuring curated content from major global distributors such as Disney, Lionsgate, NBCUniversal, and Sony Pictures Entertainment as well as a robust slate of exclusive Tubi Originals. 

The streaming service offers a selection of some of the best Hollywood films with modern British classics, and offers series with well-known UK TV franchises alongside new areas of discovery – from Bollywood and Nollywood to Arthouse Cinema.

Some of the Disney titles available on Tubi include:

  • Zapped
  • Amsterdam
  • The Internship

Recently, it was revealed that Tubi tied Disney+ in total viewing time according to Nielsen’s The Gauge Report and is now the most watched free streaming service in the US. 

Anjali Sud, CEO of Tubi said in a statement:

“Tubi has spent the last decade honing our approach to vast, free and fun streaming in North America, and we feel that now is the perfect time to bring that recipe to UK audiences.  We are launching with one of the largest and most diverse content libraries in the UK, designed to indulge viewers in everything from blockbusters to original stories to hidden gems. Most importantly, we’re committed to listening to what resonates with UK fans, and bringing them more and more of what they love.”

David Salmon, EVP and Managing Director of International at Tubi, added:

“At a time when traditional programming feels homogenous and when finding what to watch feels like a chore, Tubi has been effective at delivering delight beyond the monoculture with content that appeals to diverse and vibrant fandoms.  We believe that we can build a brilliantly broad, culturally ambitious offering that puts UK audiences back at the centre, and makes it fun and easy to enjoy great entertainment from around the world.” 

Tubi is purpose-built to help audiences find the content they love. The platform uses sophisticated machine learning to deliver personalised experiences that make content discovery both surprising and delightful. Tubi is also committed to a 100% free ad-supported model that offers viewers frictionless onboarding and a low ad load. In the coming weeks, Tubi will be available for UK viewers to access as a free application on every major connected TV platform, iOS and Android smartphones, and on the web.

A new advertising campaign, “Watch what you actually want to watch,” will launch on July 15th. This campaign aims to combat entertainment snobbery and traditionalism, as Tubi believes in taking the guilt out of guilty pleasure viewing. 

Roger’s Take:  You can’t beat free!  Tubi will no doubt pick up plenty of users who are willing to give it a try, especially with the cost of living crisis impacting how many different platforms people are willing to subscribe to.  There is a huge catalogue of content on Tubi, though there looks to only be a couple of dozen movies I actually recognised while browsing through the hundreds of titles.  However, I suspect this will improve when Tubi becomes more popular.   Disney’s involvement currently is only a few titles, one of which isn’t available on Disney+, but this is not much different to Disney licensing content to the BBC, Channel 4, ITV or U.

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Roger Palmer

Roger has been a Disney fan since he was a kid and this interest has grown over the years. He has visited Disney Parks around the globe and has a vast collection of Disney movies and collectibles. He is the owner of What's On Disney Plus & DisKingdom. Email: Twitter: Facebook:

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