Rex calls in the Bad Batch to help him on his mission to help the clones as Admiral Rampart continues his mission to replace the clones with citizens in the latest episode of “Star Wars: The Bad Batch.” The Bad Batch completes their mission and stops Admiral Rampart, but they end up playing into the hands of the Emperor leading to massive support for the proposed stormtrooper program. It’s a teaching moment for Omega while Tech decides to leave the group and help Rex on his mission to assist the remaining clones.

This is the episode that this series needed. The first season was filled with a lot of guest stars of the week. The second season has built the season long narrative a lot better than the first. But the two best episodes of the season before this one didn’t feature the Bad Batch at all. This is the best episode of the entire series to feature the Bad Batch. There is a lot more character development for the Bad Batch, and Tech in particular; as well as development for Sen. Chuchi, Admiral Rampart and Rex.

This episode is a great example about how people doing the right thing can be manipulated by those in power. The Emperor wanted support for his stormtrooper program to replace the clones. It was a controversial measure at the time it was introduced. But he found a way to get the Bad Batch to do his dirty work for him. They were able to find the information necessary to prove Admiral Rampart attacked Kamino. But, in doing so, it showed the clones under his command were all too willing to follow orders leading to Senators who may have been on the fence about the stormtrooper measure to support it because they wanted troopers who would know not to follow an evil order. It’s master manipulation by the Emperor.

This is a sign that this series is moving in a more compelling direction. We are finally seeing how the Emperor managed to move from more than just a politician, in the eyes of the Senate, to the all-powerful being he was in “Return of the Jedi.” I want to see what happens with Tech and Rex. I want to see how Crosshair reacts to the stormtrooper program. I’m not quite on board with the rest of the Bad Batch, but I’m, at least, vaguely interested for the first time this entire series.

Rating: 4 stars

What did you think of this episode of “Star Wars: The Bad Batch?”


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