She-Hulk must help Wong as he tries to get a magician named Donnie Blaze to stop sending people through portals in the latest episode of “She-Hulk: Attorney At Law.” Meanwhile, Jen is trying to get a date through a dating app, but it is failing miserably, so she sets up a profile as She-Hulk and gets lots of swipes. This leads to a great battle scene where Wong has to help Donnie Blaze after Donnie opens the wrong portal and has to pull She-Hulk away mid-date to assist in the fight.

This episode brought some of my favorite fourth wall breaks of the series so far. I really enjoyed Jen just telling everyone that Wong was “basically Twitter armor” for the week. It makes a lot of sense. While there are plenty of just criticisms for this show, there are plenty of unjust ones as well. Usually unjust critics can be distracted by something they like. In this case, it’s Wong. It was a perfect line to call out the toxic part of the fanbase while admitting we have another “guest star of the week.”

I also really enjoyed her comments after starting the “She-Hulk” profile and getting lots of swipes. Her comment that this is “demoralizing for Jen” is great. It seems like she is accepting that she has an alter-ego. Instead of Jen and She-Hulk being the same person, she is showing acceptance that the rest of the world sees her as two different people, so she needs to treat them as such.

The one thing I don’t like about this series, so far, has been the lack of appearances from Titania. She has been promoted as the big bad of the series, but we’ve hardly seen her. Yes, she busted into the court in the first episode and that was a nice scene. But, since then, we’ve only seen her name appear in news crawls and web articles. We need to see her more. That Easter Egg of “who is she” from Jen didn’t land for me like the fourth wall break, because it’s the show’s job to tell us who she is. This is a case where Jen saying what the audience is thinking isn’t good for the show.

Hopefully, we will see more of Titania going forward with her serving papers to Jen for a lawsuit. This means they will need to square off in the courtroom, ironically over the name She-Hulk. With five episodes left, I want to see how Titania becomes the main villain. Being in the background is great when there’s another obvious threat in front of our hero. It’s great for a drama, not so much for a legal comedy.

I’m still really enjoying this series overall, but it’s got a long way to go before I can truly rank it. I’m enjoying it more than “Ms. Marvel” but not as much as “Moon Knight.” I’m enjoying the comedy. I’m enjoying the guest appearances. I loved Madisynn with two “Ns” and a “Y” but not where you thiiink. But I would like more in the courtroom and I would like more Titania. Here’s hoping we get that going forward.

Ranking: 3.5 stars

What did you think of episode 4 of “She-Hulk: Attorney at Law?”

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