20th Century Studios latest thriller is “No Exit”, which stars Havana Rose Liu, as Darby, a young woman who is currently in rehab once again over drug abuse, but when she gets a phone call from her family, saying that her mother has had a brain embolism, she escapes from rehab and rushes home.

However, due to a blizzard, she is forced to take shelter in a highway rest area visitor centre with a group of strangers.  It’s here, while trying to get a phone signal in the car park, she discovered an abducted girl in the back of a van, leading to a terrifying life-or-death struggle to discover who among them is the kidnapper and escape, with the girl.

Havana Rose Liu is an interesting actor to play the lead role of Darby. She has a very quiet and calm vibe, which is what makes this film so interesting.  She is slowly pushed to her limits, and you go on that journey with her, as she has to deal with some unexpected situations.

This film mixes in the thriller elements, along with some intense action scenes.  This film doesn’t hide away from the brutality and delivers some pretty nasty violence.  Because the majority of the film is all very calm, these brutal moments become even more impactful.

There are plenty of twists and turns throughout the film, adding to that “who done it?” aspect to the film.  Because you start to think like Darby, who’s trying to work out who the kidnapper is, since the people in the visitor centre, are still strangers.   Sometimes it’s a little predictable, but it also throws in some twists, you might not be expecting.

Coming in at just under 90 minutes, “No Exit” does a great job of establishing everything you need to know, without over-explaining everything and slowly upping the pace of the storytelling throughout the film.    With so many “Limited-Series” being released nowadays, it’s kinda refreshing just to get a simple story that’s executed well in under 2 hours.  Throw in a great score, that adds to the intensity, and you’ve got a solid thriller.

“No Exit” is an entertaining thriller, that is perfect for Disney’s streaming services, since it’s not a film I think most people would go to see in cinemas.  The budget looks to be pretty small, and you can see the majority of the film was shot in just a few locations plus, there isn’t anyone in this film that is a top-level cinema draw.  This is a great film to curl up on the couch with, maybe with a cushion or blanket nearby to grab onto for certain scenes.

Overall:  “No Exit” was a pleasant surprise and a film I really enjoyed. It’s a solid thriller, that is a little predictable in places but still delivers a thrill and is very entertaining.   I’m not sure it’s a movie I would go back and watch again, but I’m really glad I watched it and would happily recommend it to everyone.

Rating – 4 out of 5

“No Exit” is available now on Hulu in the United States, Star+ in Latin America and on Disney+ internationally.

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Roger Palmer

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