With the success Marvel has had reviving the 1990s animated classic series, “X-Men” for its Disney+ Original series, “X-Men ’97”, and with the show featured a cameo appearance from “Spider-Man: The Animated Series”, it should come as no surprise that there is a lot of interest from fans in potentially seeing Marvel’s other major animated series from the 90s brought back. 

The 90s animated “Spider-Man” series is considered to be one of the best-animated shows featuring your friendly neighbourhood “Spider-Man” and the entire show is available to stream on Disney+ now.

One of the great things about the show, was how it had individual storylines like most animated kids’ shows, but it also was able to tell longer stories over an entire season, featuring many different villains from the Marvel universe.  Even back in the 90s, there was some crossover with the “X-Men” series and with Marvel teasing fans with some cameos of other heroes, like Daredevil, Iron Man and Captain America, it wouldn’t be a huge surprise to see Disney once again going back to what used to work, especially following the success of “X-Men 97”.

Recently, while promoting the season finale of “X-Men 97”, Marvel Studios’ head of streaming Brad Winderbaum spoke with Screen Rant and teased that we could see something in the future, especially following the season finale of “X-Men 97”, where we also saw a brief cameo of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson.

It is amazing to see them back on screen together, I wish we could tell that whole adventure with Madame Web and figure out how exactly he did it! [laughs] Maybe one day, we as fanboys could certainly dream.

When asked if they’ve already mapped out a story for a “Spider-Man ’98” series, he continued to tease:

There is always potential, right? I don’t want to close the door on anything. But I think that for now, for the foreseeable future, X-Men 97 will own the 90s and how much we bring in guest stars or tell stories from other Marvel characters from that era is TBD, but it will be seen through that lens of the X-Men.

With the success of “X-Men ’97”, it wouldn’t be a huge surprise to see Disney turn to the next thing to continue that success, however, Disney is set to launch a brand new animated series, “Your Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man” soon, which has already been picked up for a second season and is set in an alternative universe set before the events of “Spider-Man: Homecoming”, when Spidey was still learning how to be a superhero.

Roger’s Take: As a huge fan of the original 90s series, I’d love it to return, but while that new show is on the horizon, it doesn’t make much sense for many reasons, like marketing, merchandise, confusion etc.  But if that new show doesn’t click with audiences or doesn’t sell enough merchandise, I could easily see Disney shift to a “Spider-Man ’98” backup plan!.  Plus, throw in a few more cameos here and there in “X-Men ’97” for a few years and see where it takes them.

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