This week, Disney+ launched its new general entertainment brand “Star” internationally with some new “Star Originals”, including “Love, Victor”, which is a sequel/spin-off of the 20th Century Studios film, “Love, Simon”.

“Love, Victor” is about a closeted gay teenager who is forced to come out after being blackmailed. The series stars Michael Cimino as Victor, who, like Simon, is on his own journey of self-discovery. Facing challenges at home, navigating the ups and downs of a new high school and exploring his sexual orientation, Victor reaches out to Simon when things become too difficult.

Originally the show was going to be released on Disney+ as a “Disney+ Original”, but was moved over to Hulu in the United States as it was deemed too mature.  But it wasn’t released internationally until this week, when the first two episodes became available on Disney+ in many countries including Canada, Australia and the UK.


As part of a promotional tour for the release as a “Star Original”, the showrunners for the series, Isaac Aptaker spoke with Digital Spy about “Love, Victor” and was asked to shed some light on what happened regarding the show moving?

It’s confusing. When we sold the show to Disney+, we sold it to them straight-to-series. It was before the platform had even launched. They didn’t have any original programming yet. As we were figuring out what the show is, Disney+ was simultaneously figuring out what they were, and what audience they were for.

The show evolved into something that felt like it fit much more on Hulu with their slate of teenage high-school shows that they already had. It was a little bit more mature than the version of high-school that was going to be depicted on Disney+.

But what’s so great about coming full circle now is that Hulu is only available in America. We’ve had so many frustrated fans who love the movie and want the show and don’t have access to it. And now they’re adding this new brand [Star] to Disney+ that’s for slightly more sophisticated stories. We’re just so excited that finally this show that we want everyone to see, is going to be available internationally.

The first two episodes of “Love, Victor” are available on Disney+ in many countries including Australia, Canada and the UK, with new episodes dropping on Fridays.  The entire first season is available in the US on Hulu and a second season is currently in production.

Do you agree with “Love, Victor” not being a “Disney+ Original”?

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