It’s Sunday, and it’s time to look at what’s trending on Disney+, with “Bluey” continuing to entertain viewers as it maintains its spot as the most-watched show on Disney+ in the United States.

With “Inside Out 2” hitting cinemas this weekend, fans have been rewatching the original film and the short, “Riley’s First Date” in huge numbers. 

The biggest new release in the United States is the new Hulu documentary, “BRATS”, which had a strong debut in the United States.

With new episodes of “Doctor Who”, “The Acolyte”, and “The Kardashians” being released this week, these shows are all keeping their spots on the US trending chart.  

Across the pond in the UK, new episodes of “9-1-1,” “Station 19,” “Criminal Minds”, “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Tracker”, “NCIS”, and “Welcome To Wrexham” have been released on Disney+ this week,  which has kept these shows higher in the trending chart.   For some reason, Brits have also been watching “Pretty Woman” in huge numbers this weekend, pushing it to the number two slot on the trending chart.

Here are the Disney+ Trending charts for the week ending Sunday, 16th June 2024:

United States

  1. Bluey
  2. The Croods
  3. The Amazing World of Gumball
  4. Inside Out
  5. Blippi
  6. The Acolyte
  7. BRATS (NEW)
  8. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
  9. Family Guy
  10. Riley’s First Date
  11. The Rookie
  12. Moana
  13. Bob’s Burgers
  14. The Simpsons
  15. Grey’s Anatomy
  16. Doctor Who
  17. Diana Show: Ultimate Mishmash
  18. Spidey And His Amazing Friends
  19. Good Doctor
  20. Big City Greens
  21. The Kardashians
  22. Cars
  23. Pocket Watch Love Diana
  24. Frozen
  25. 9-1-1
  26. Superkitties
  27. Full House
  28. Dance Moms
  29. Criminal Minds
  30. Elemental

United Kingdom

  1. Grey’s Anatomy
  2. Pretty Woman
  3. Bluey
  4. Inside Out
  5. The Acolyte
  6. Modern Family
  7. Criminal Minds
  8. The Simpsons
  9. The Kardashians
  10. Family Guy
  11. Welcome To Wrexham
  12. 9-1-1
  13. Station 19
  14. The Walking Dead
  15. NCIS
  16. Moana
  17. Desperate Housewives
  18. Under The Bridge (NEW)
  19. Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour – Taylor’s Version
  20. American Dad
  21. Riley’s First Date
  22. Frozen
  23. How I Met Your Mother
  24. Spidey And His Amazing Friends
  25. Tracker
  26. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
  27. New Girl
  28. Toy Story
  29. Encanto

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