Nielsen has announced its top 10 streaming charts for the United States from June 3rd, 2024, to June 9th. There are four different charts: Top 10 Originals, Acquired Shows, Movies, and a combined total chart.

The premiere of the new Disney+ Original series, “Star Wars: The Acolyte”, pulled in enough viewers to make the top ten original charts but failed to get enough viewership to make the overall chart.  Highlighting that while Disney has said the premiere was successful globally, in the US, according to Nielsen’s data, it hasn’t set the streaming world alight.  

When compared to the debut of “Ahsoka”, the US viewership for “The Acolyte” is almost half, and almost just a third of the most recent season of “The Mandalorian”, highlighting a major problem for the series and with the negative backlash to the series, it will be interesting to see what happens next.

Pixar’s “Inside Out” also popped up on the film chart for the first time, as audiences prepared for the arrival of “Inside Out 2” in cinemas, highlighting why a new instalment in a franchise can boost previous releases.

Disney continues to dominate the acquired chart with six out of ten shows available on Hulu and Hulu On Disney+.   And this also impacts the overall chart, as half of the shows are available on Hulu and Hulu On Disney+.

“Bluey” continues to be a massive hit for Disney+, especially with the new episodes dropping throughout April.  Hulu is also doing very well in the overall and acquired charts, with popular shows like “Grey’s Anatomy”, “Family Guy”, “Bob’s Burgers”, and “Criminal Minds” continuing to attract millions of minutes of viewing time.

Here’s the rundown (Total Minutes Watched):

Top 10 Originals

  1. Eric 926
  2. Sweet Tooth 874
  3. Bridgerton 806
  4. Evil 524
  5. Geek Girl 515
  6. Dancing for the Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult 489
  7. The Acolyte 488
  8. Hitler and the Nazis: Evil on Trial 443
  9. Perfect Match 395
  10. Mayor Of Kingstown 306

Top 10 Acquired

  1. Your Honor 1,528
  2. Bluey 1,145
  3. Grey’s Anatomy 1,099
  4. Heartland 924
  5. NCIS 866
  6. Young Sheldon 786
  7. Criminal Minds 758
  8. Family Guy 730
  9. Bob’s Burgers 700
  10. Reba 632

Top 10 Movies

  1. Hit Man (2023) 984
  2. Under Paris 636
  3. Godzilla Minus One 529
  4. The Lego Movie 342
  5. Inside Out 282
  6. Moana 277
  7. Atlas (2024) 264
  8. Home (2015) 250
  9. 300: Rise of an Empire 219
  10. Dune: Part Two 216

Top 10 Overall

  1. Your Honor 1,528
  2. Bluey 1,145
  3. Grey’s Anatomy 1,099
  4. Hit Man (2023) 984
  5. Eric 926
  6. Heartland 924
  7. Sweet Tooth 874
  8. NCIS 866
  9. Bridgerton 806
  10. Young Sheldon 786


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