During the final day of the Star Wars Celebration event in London, England, Lucasfilm revealed the first trailer for “Star Wars: Visions” Volume 2, which is going to be coming to Disney+ on Star Wars Day, aka May 4th 2023.

“Star Wars: Visions: Volume 2” is the follow-up to the critically acclaimed debut season of the animated anthology series. True to the spirit of the show, Volume 2 will feature nine new shorts from nine studios from across the globe, all with their own unique take on the saga.

This new trailer is filled with quick cuts between the shorts, showcasing the diverse styles of each. There’s the colorful and intense “Sith,” which opens the trailer with a lightsaber battle; the delightful stop motion and humor of “I Am Your Mother”; and a powerful moment from 2D-animated “In the Stars” by Punkrobot, in which a girl stands her ground against a TIE fighter.

Check out the new trailer below:

A new poster for the series was also released, showcasing characters from each short emerging from a stylized “2,” illustrating the wide-ranging stories, tones, and styles of every Volume 2 production.   A poster was also given out to attendees of the panel.

Check out the “Visions: Volume 2” poster below:

The live stream was also shown on the official YouTube channel:

During the panel, the full cast for the upcoming short series was revealed, which included some surprises such as Denis Lawson returning as Wedge Antilles in “I Am Your Mother” and screen icon Anjelica Huston as the Sith Mother in “Screecher’s Reach.”

See the list below.

“Sith” by El Guiri

A former Sith apprentice, leading a peaceful, but isolated life, is confronted by the past when her old master tracks her down.

  • LUIS TOSAR as Sith Master
  • ÚRSULA CORBERÓ and LUIS TOSAR also voice their characters in the Spanish dub.

“Screecher’s Reach” by Cartoon Saloon

A young girl, seeking reprieve from her days in a rural workhouse, discovers a legendary haunted cave with her friends. The cave’s dark pull will change the trajectory of her life forever.

  • ALEX CONNOLLY as Baython
  • NOAH RAFFERTY as Quinn
  • MOLLY MCCANN as Keena
  • ANJELICA HUSTON as Sith Mother
  • NIAMH MOYLES as Ghost

“In the Stars” by Punkrobot

Two sisters, the last of their kind who live in hiding on their ravaged land, squabble about how to survive with the Empire encroaching. On a water run, the sisters must fight back when they are discovered.

  • JULIA OVIEDO as Tichina
  • KATE DICKIE as Officer
  • AMPARO NOGUERA as Officer
  • VALENTINA MUHR and JULIA OVEIDO also voice their characters in the Spanish Dub

“I Am Your Mother” by Aardman

Young pilot Anni, who is embarrassed by her sweet, but clingy mum, must team with her for a madcap family race at the academy. Along the way, their relationship is tested by the elements, their old ship, other racers…and each other!

  • MAXINE PEAKE as Kalina Kalfus
  • CHARITHRA CHANDRAN as Annisoukaline Kalfus
  • DAISY HAGGARD as Dorota Van Reeple
  • BEBE CAVE as Julan Van Reeple
  • DENIS LAWSON as Wedge Antilles

“Journey to the Dark Head” by Studio Mir (Korean Language Cast)

A hopeful mechanic and disillusioned young Jedi team up for a risky and unlikely quest to turn the tide of the galactic war, but dark forces tail them.

  • JANG YE NA as Ara / Young Ara
  • LEE KYUNG TAE as Toul
  • YUN YONG SIK as Bichan
  • CHWANG KWANG as Interpreter
  • CHOI SOO MIN as Master Duta
  • SHIN YONG WOO as Master Leesagum / Shopkeeper
  • LIM CHAE HEON as Training Partner
  • LEE SO YOUNG as Master Moru / Another Jedi

“Journey to the Dark Head” by Studio Mir (English Dub Cast)

  • ASHLEY PARK as Ara / Young Ara
  • DANIEL DAE KIM as Bichan
  • ALBERT KONG as Interpreter / Jedi Master A
  • GREG CHUN as Shopkeeper / Master Leesagum / Training Partner / Padawan
  • JONELLA LANDRY as Master Duta
  • JUDY ALICE LEE as Master Moru / Another Jedi

“The Spy Dancer” by Studio La Cachette

The premier dancer at a famous, Imperial-frequented cabaret uses her unique skill-set to spy for the Rebellion, but the presence of a mysterious officer threatens to derail her mission.

  • KAYCIE CHASE as Hétis
  • RUDI-JAMES JEPHCOTT as The Officer
  • BARBARA WEBER-SCAFF as Mee’ma & Additional Voices
  • BRUCE SHERFIELD as Additional Voices
  • TAYLOR GASMAN as Additional Voices

“The Bandits of Golak” by 88 Pictures

Fleeing from their village by train and pursued by ferocious Imperial forces, a boy and his force-sensitive younger sister seek refuge in a vibrant and dangerous dhaba.

  • SURAJ SHARMA as Charuk
  • NEERAJ KABI as Inquisitor
  • LILLETE DUBEY as Rugal
  • SAHIL VAID as Maghadi and Scavenger RICHARD JOEL as Scavenger SUMANTO RAY as Conductor, Jangori Leader and Dhoona
  • RAJEEV RAJ as Helper
  • AVIRAL KUMAR as Stormtrooper
  • ISH THAKKAR as Stormtrooper and Alien AADITYA SHARMA as Stormtrooper and Alien

“The Pit” by D’Art Shtajio and Lucasfilm Ltd.

A fearless young prisoner, forced to dig for kyber by the Empire, plans a risky escape for he and his people.

  • DAVEED DIGGS as Crux
  • ANIKA NONI ROSE as Eureka / Mother
  • JORDYN CURET as Livy
  • CEDRIC YARBROUGH as Old Prisoner
  • STEVE BLUM as Commander
  • MATTHEW WOOD as Stormtroopers

“Aau’s Song” by Trigger Fish

An alien child who longs to sing is raised by her loving, but stern father to stay quiet because of the calamitous effect her voice has on the crystals in the nearby mines.

  • MPILO JANTJIE as Aau (dialogue)
  • DINEO DU TOIT as Aau (singing)
  • CYNTHIA ERIVO as Kratu
  • FAITH BALOYI as Attu

The first volume of Star Wars: Visions is available to stream on Disney+ now, and the second volume will arrive on the streaming platform on May the 4th on Disney+.

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