Those who are looking to stream Andi Mack on Disney+ have been disappointed to discover that 31 out of 57 episodes are missing, including the majority of the first season (with exception of 2 episodes).

The series was added to Disney+ at launch, but this issue has never been rectified or acknowledged publicly in any way.

In Andi Mack, life goes from routine to a roller-coaster ride overnight for artistic teenager Andi Mack. It all happens on the eve of her 13th birthday when free-spirited older sister Bex — who has been travelling around the world — returns home to make a revelation, which changes everything for the Mack family. It turns out that Bex isn’t Andi’s sister — she is her mother — and Celia, who Andi thought was her mom, is actually her grandmother. Learning this family secret sends Andi on an uncharted course of self-discovery. She’s not alone on her journey, as best friends Cyrus and Buffy are also trying to figure out their places in the world.

This series broke new ground with it being the first series on Disney Channel to feature a gay main character.

Due to its serialized nature of the series, having episodes missing from Disney+ is frustrating, since many of the stories don’t make sense with missing episodes.

So why are Andi Mack episodes missing?

The reason so many episodes of Andi Mack are missing is that the actor who played Andi’s grandfather, Stoney Westmoreland, tried to meet with a 13-year-old boy and take him to a hotel.  The “boy” turned out to be an undercover officer.  This resulted in Disney firing him from the role of Andi Mack immediately after his arrest.

This is why Disney has removed all of the episodes with Stoney Westmoreland in them from Disney+.

If you still have a desire to watch every episode, they are still available to purchase individually or as full seasons on all VOD sites, such as YouTube, Google Play, AppleTV+, and Amazon’s Prime Video.




Thanks to Drew Ryan for contributing to this article.

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  1. Jon B April 19, 2021

    It's good they're at least available on other sites but 1/2 the point of Disney+ is to not buy Disney on other sites. Shame on the actor so I can only slightly blame Disney+.

  2. Hans April 21, 2021

    I understand why Disney+ doesn't have all the episodes of 'Andi Mack'. Shame on you Stoney Westmoreland for doing such a terrible thing! What was he thinking? Luckily, we can watch these episodes on other platforms. Stoney was the reason why the show got cancelled & I'm still mad at him for what he did 😡 I don't talk about him or see him as a cast member of the series anymore. I love the others! It was really worth-watchin' until I heard the news. I miss watchin' it on Friday nights.

  3. Linda May 7, 2021

    I am a 66 year old woman and I loved the show!!!! I was sooo down when it was canceled!Our children needed a show like Andi Mack.It was at a level these kids could understand!!! The message “Amazing”I was sad because of the actor that was taking the innocents of that teenager I too was a product of a sexual predator!! A lot of parents don’t want to talk about situations like this but I’m sorry we have to continue to talk about things like this and not sweep it under the rug!!! This show gave SOO many positive paths that they could understand!!!There are a lot of children alone at home while moms are holding two jobs.Andi Mack guided rather reached a lot of those kiddos that the system has given up on!!!

  4. Ash August 18, 2021

    I understand this but they could have made the episodes available on not kid accounts & out a warning like they have been for racist films.