It’s Monday and time to take a look at what’s coming to Disney+ this week in the United Kingdom and Ireland. It’s another bumper week for new content, with lots of new episodes of Disney+ and Star Originals like “Only Murders In The Building”, “Turner & Hooch” and “What If?”. Plus lots of new library content is dropping including the popular series “The Orville” and the even more popular Marvel film “Deadpool”.

Here’s the rundown:
Note this list is subject to change:

Monday 13th September

Walking Dead – Season 11 – Episode 4

Daryl and Dog get captured by the Reapers; they are taken to the Meridian and reconnect with a familiar figure from their past.

Tuesday 14th September

Only Murders In The Building – Episode 4

Believing the murderer might be a famous resident whom is difficult to access, the group seeks advice from a renowned podcasting host.

Wednesday 15th September

Marvel’s What If – Episode 6

“What If…?” flips the script on the MCU, reimagining famous events from the films in unexpected ways. Marvel Studios’ first animated series focuses on different heroes from the MCU, featuring a voice cast that includes a host of stars who reprise their roles.

Turner & Hooch – Episode 9

To stop a deadly assassin, Scott and Hooch must bond with a young witness with autism.

“Chip ‘n’ Dale: Park Life” – Episode 8 – “The Ghost / The Imperfect Crime / Nut Soup”

Butch thinks he’s being haunted by Dale’s ghost! / Chip and Dale struggle to cover up a terrible crime. / Chip competes with Dale to prove he’s a better chef.

Doogie Kamealoha, M.D. – Episode 2

Lahela is determined to solve professional and personal mysteries. An athletic young man named Caleb, who is visiting Hawaii to hike the famed Stairway to Heaven, has lost all feeling in his legs for no apparent reason, and tests results are inconclusive. While Lahela is over the moon after sharing a first kiss with Walter, she’s unsure of his true feelings. Lahela applies the scientific method to solve both enigmas and ultimately discovers that matters of the heart can’t be explained by logic

American Horror Stories – Episode 2

Scarlett enters a twisted new romance while Michael and Troy are forced to confront their rocky relationship.

Last Man Standing – Season 9 – Episode 8

When Ed pits Mike and Joe against each other to find the next classic car for renovation, Chuck teaches them a valuable lesson; Mandy, Kyle and Vanessa meddle in Jen’s love life.

Bless The Harts – Season 2 – Episode 6

Betty and Crystalynn join forces to take down Marjune, who passes off a famous tale as her own life story; Violet and David try to get out of training for the Presidential Physical-Fitness Test.

Mixed-Ish – Season 1 – Episode 5

Bow has to consider the social impact of her date choice for her first school dance; Johan discovers his love of fashion; Santamonica spends some time with Harrison.

American Dad – Season 17 – Episode 11

Hayley searches for guidance and instead finds a community of “cool butts.”

That One Word: Feyenoord S1 E3*

The Feyenoord Football Club operates inside for the extent of the 2020/21 season due to the COVID-19 global pandemic. But, unique footage from inside the locker room and behind the boardroom walls brings the Club and all key personalities within surprisingly closer to the audience than ever before.

Mickey Mouse Hot Diggity Dog Tales (18 shorts)

Shorts featuring Mickey Mouse and “mouse’s best friend” Pluto.

Sadie Sparks Shorts

Sadie finds a magician’s hat and to her surprise it comes with a tenant, Gilbert. He is a magical bunny and assistant to the most famous wizards throughout history.

No Man Left Behind

The producers of National Geographic Channel’s critically acclaimed “Locked Up Abroad” are behind a series that sheds light on every soldier’s worst nightmare: to be trapped in enemy territory. “No Man Left Behind” combines personal testimony with re-enactments and archival footage to tell dramatic stories of modern war heroes who overcame incredible odds in some of the most hostile environments on Earth. Perspective is also provided on how the ever-present battle memories shape the survivors’ current lives. The premiere details the deadly 1993 battle in Mogadishu between U.S. forces and Somali militia that inspired a best-selling book and the feature film “Black Hawk Down.” Reunited for the first time on camera, the pilot of the downed helicopter and two of the soldiers involved in the battle recount the intense details of one of the most horrific scenes in U.S. military history since the Vietnam War.


Facing.. YR1

`Facing…’ tells stories about the opposition to some of the world’s most powerful and recognizable people, ranging from notorious figures like Saddam Hussein and Pablo Escobar to entertainment icons such as Arnold Schwarzenegger. The docuseries explores the public figures’ minds and motivations using rare archival footage and interviews with those who oppose them, real people who are facing off with the giants.

The Orville S1 + S2

The crew of a spaceship embarks on an adventurous journey in outer space, four hundred years into the future, where they encounter various dangerous situations.

No Offence S1, S2 + S3

No Offence is about a team of cops, based in a criminal-ridden part of town, work together to keep the streets safe. Their commitment and strong work ethic has seen them put away arsonists, neo-Nazis, drug lords and notorious murderers. Nothing seems to deter this force until they begin work on a serial killer case, which leaves everyone in fear for their lives. Led by DI Vivienne Deering, the unorthodox group set off from their crumbling station to investigate the unusual goings on.

Friday 17th September

Pixar SparkShort – Nona

Pixar Animation Studios introduces Nona, a grandmother who plans to spend her day off by shutting out the world to watch her favourite TV show, “E.W.W. Smashdown Wrestling.” However, when her 5-year-old granddaughter Renee is unexpectedly dropped off, Nona is caught between her two favorite things. Renee wants to play while the normally-doting Nona wrestles with wanting to watch the Smashdown, leading to a decisive showdown between the two, and a loving compromise.

Disney Descendants: The Royal Wedding

Mal and Ben’s wedding is the biggest event Auradon’s ever seen, but Hades threatens to ruin it for Mal leading to a showdown on the Isle of the Lost that could change everything!

Disney’s Broadway Hits At London’s Royal Albert Hall

This musical extravaganza features songs from best-loved Tony and Academy Award-winning scores including Beauty and the Beast, Aida, The Lion King, Aladdin, Mary Poppins, Tarzan and The Hunchback of Notre Dame. This memorable musical showcase celebrates the exceptional talent of some of today’s greatest composers and lyricists, including Kristin Anderson-Lopez & Robert Lopez, Alan Menken, Elton John, Tim Rice, Phil Collins as well as Richard & Robert Sherman.

Water and Power: A California Heist

In California’s convoluted water system, water barons find ways to structure a state-engineered system to their own advantage. This examination shows how small farmers and everyday citizens are facing the drought and a new, debilitating water crisis.

Petra: Secrets of the Ancient Builders

In southern Jordan lies the spectacular city of Petra. Built over 2,000 years ago, it contains innumerable architectural treasures: colossal buildings carved into cliffs and hundreds of tombs, temples and baths.

Worst Weather Ever?

Our weather is getting wilder and weirder by the moment: chaos, death and destruction around the world. In India, the monsoon is early and ferocious, causing flash floods that wash away entire towns; In China, giant hailstones fall from the sky destroying crops and killing many people; In Australia, a record-breaking heat wave triggers fires across the country. Homes destroyed. Lives lost. The last decade has seen historic hurricane seasons and tornados that even storm chasers aren’t prepared for. It seems like the weather is out of control, but severe droughts, storms and floods have happened throughout history, so has it really always been this bad? Scientists already know the world is getting warmer. Now they’re in a race against time to discover what effect that is having on our weather. Are tornadoes getting more powerful? Are hurricanes happening more often? And how can more heat actually mean colder winters?

Hitler The Junkie

Morphine. Crystal meth. Sedatives. Testosterone. Leeches. A German soldier’s feces. A bizarre combination of substances, but just a few of the more than 70 different drugs, vitamins and concoctions Adolf Hitler was consuming during the last nine years of his reign. This hard-hitting and in-depth film sets out to examine the medications Hitler was on, how often and how much he took, and to explore if drugs played a role in his behavior and actions.

Hitler’s Supergun

Through explosive experiments engineer Hugh Hunt discovers how Hitler’s supergun worked and investigates the Allied forces race to destroy it.

Eyewitness: D-Day

One famous day. Five heroes. Five key turning points that changed the course of World War Two during the D Day landings, told through the eyes of the people who made a difference. Using rarely seen archive, dramatic reconstruction and written accounts from eye witnesses and personal testimony from our five heroes, this is D Day as never seen before.

Hitler’s Teen Killers

They grew up under the Nazi regime. They pledged to give their lives for Hitler. They were fanatics who would not be stopped. They were the 20,000 teenagers who made up the 12th SS Panzer Division. Unleashed in France to halt the Allied invasion, they would sow terror and destruction in their wake. Historical colorized archives and a handful of survivors tell us this story.

Deadpool (2016)

Ajax, a twisted scientist, experiments on Wade Wilson, a mercenary, to cure him of cancer and give him healing powers. However, the experiment leaves Wade disfigured and he decides to exact revenge.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (2012)

When his country is threatened by a ferocious group of vampires, Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States, sets out on a mission to eliminate them.

Antwone Fisher (2002)

After a brutal flare-up with a sailor, Antwone Fisher, a Navy officer, is sent to psychiatrist Dr Jerome Davenport. Eventually, he finds new hope in life after coming to terms with his painful past.

What are you looking forward to watching on Disney+ this week?

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