With the news that Disney has signed a new deal with Sony Pictures that includes U.S. Rights to new Theatrical Releases from 2022-2026 following their Pay 1 TV Window and library titles from Sony Pictures for Disney’s Streaming Services including Disney+ and Hulu and Linear Networks such as ABC, FX and Freeform.

This opens up Disney+ to get access to lots of popular family-friendly films and franchises that Sony Pictures have created.  It’s important to note that for brand new films released between 2022 and 2026, they will still have to go through their respected window releases, which means going through cinemas and then video on demand platforms before heading to Netflix.  So it’s important to note that films could take a couple of years between new films theatrical release and their release on Disney+ in the US.   Movies released before the end of December 2021, will have a different schedule, and details haven’t yet been revealed.

Here’s a look at all the Sony family-friendly films that will be coming to Disney+ in the United States at some point in the future.


The first film was released in 1995 and tells the story of when two kids find and play a magical board game, they release a man trapped in it for decades – and a host of dangers that can only be stopped by finishing the game.  This classic film starring the late Robin Williams, has also spawned a trilogy of films starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Jack Black, where the board game is replaced with a video game.


One of Sony’s biggest family-friendly franchises is “Ghostbusters“, which was originally released back in the 1980s and saw a group of misfits come together to stop ghosts and ghouls from taking over New York.  It was so popular it spawned many sequels, including a brand new film coming out later this year.

Peter Rabbit

Sony has released two films that are feature adaptations of Beatrix Potter’s classic tale of a rebellious rabbit trying to sneak into a farmer’s vegetable garden.   Disney+ subscribers wouldn’t see these films out of place alongside Disney’s animated films.

Karate Kid

Sony has recently released a popular sequel series to this classic 80s film “Cobra Kai” on YouTube Red and Netflix, but the original films would also fit nicely on Disney+.  Which tell the story of a teenager called Daniel LaRusso, who is bullied by Johnny Lawrence, who is adept at martial arts. In order to defend himself, he tries to learn karate from Mr Miyagi, his apartment’s kind handyman.  There are many sequels to this film, including a more modern remake starring Jackie Chan.

Hotel Transylvania

This popular animated movie series sees Count Dracula running a high-end resort for monsters and is overprotective of his daughter, Mavis. When a human named Johnny enters the hotel, Dracula tries to prevent Mavis from falling for him.  Sony is releasing the fourth movie later this year.

The Muppets

While Disney owns the Muppets, Sony Pictures still made three films for the Jim Henson Company, “Muppets In Space, “Kermit’s Swamp Years” and “Muppets Take Manhatten”.  So these are two films that instantly feel like three films that would benefit from being available on Disney+ among the other Muppet films and shows.

Men In Black

Men in Black is a series of American science fiction action comedy films directed by Barry Sonnenfeld, and based on the Malibu / Marvel comic book series.  The first movie featuring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, was a huge smash hit and spawned many sequels.  Most recently, Sony rebooted the series with Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson. This comic book adventure series would be a great addition to Disney+.

The Smurfs

Sony has released three movies based on the Belgian comic book characters “The Smurfs”, a fictional colony of small, blue, humanoid creatures living in mushroom-shaped houses in the forest.   These three movies would be at home on Disney+.

Surf’s Up

This animated film stars Cody Maverick, a 17-year-old penguin, who travels from Antarctica to Pen Gu Island hoping to win the Big Z Memorial Surf Off.   With the sequel taking a different direction with many of the biggest WWE wrestlers including “The Undertaker” and “John Cena” appearing in the film.  This series of films will no doubt be a perfect fit for Disney+.

James Bond

One of the biggest movie franchises in the world is British special agent James Bond.  Sony has the distribution rights to many of the newest films starring Daniel Craig including “Skyfall”, “Spectre” and “Casino Royale”.   Making it entirely possible that 007 might find his way onto Disney+.


The biggest advantage of this new deal with Sony is that it will bring access to many fantastic Spider-Man films from the past and future to Disney+.  There are many movies within the Spider-Man/Marvel franchise that could be heading to Disney+ in the US because of this deal.  Check out the full list by clicking here.

This list of major Sony franchises is only the tip of the iceberg as Sony Pictures has a huge library of over 200 films.  While these films might not be heading to Disney+ in the US straight away, having these films available to Disney to use on whatever platform or channel seems fit, it offers us all much more choice and variety.


What Sony film would you like to see on Disney+ first?

Roger Palmer

Roger has been a Disney fan since he was a kid and this interest has grown over the years. He has visited Disney Parks around the globe and has a vast collection of Disney movies and collectibles. He is the owner of What's On Disney Plus & DisKingdom. Email: Roger@WhatsOnDisneyPlus.com Twitter: Twitter.com/RogPalmerUK Facebook: Facebook.com/rogpalmeruk

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  1. Clyde April 22, 2021

    Actually Roger Palmer you’re half right and half wrong about the Daniel Craig James Bond movies. Now you are right about Sony having theatrical distribution rights to Daniel Craig James Bond movies, but you are wrong about having Sony them as a whole because it is actually MGM not Sony that has the Physical Media, and Streaming distribution rights to the Daniel Craig James Bond movies (the same can be said about the Steve Martin Pink Panther films). I will also add 2 Sony franchises that they actually have streaming distribution rights for like The Three Stooges, and Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs.

  2. Steve April 22, 2021

    Does the Disney and Sony apply to USA also apply to U.K. and other countries as some sites on internet think it might be so.

  3. dylan April 23, 2021

    Disney is thinking of buying Sony Pictures

  4. Ernesto Chacon April 24, 2021

    Roger, Sony Pictures doesn't have complete rights to the James Bond films: “Skyfall”, “Spectre”, “Quantum of Solace” and “Casino Royale” MGM has the Physical Media and Streaming distribution rights to these films

    1. ScionStorm April 29, 2021

      Isn't MGM trying to sell?

      1. Clyde May 19, 2021

        Yes to Amazon