Once upon a time in Toon Town there was a cat who had it all. Fortune and fame, top of his game. Up until he hit the wall. Now he’s down and out in Toon Town as a Comic Cop who solve crimes with hilarious results. With the help of his partners – Lucky Piquel (his first partner) and Miranda Wright (his second partner).

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  1. Isaac January 20, 2020

    Bonkers is one of those underappreciated Disney series that should have lasted for at least three to five seasons. Also, it's hilarious to watch.

  2. Ann Davies April 15, 2021

    Please bring BONKERS , TALESPIN GOLDIE and BEAR and THE BOOK of POOH to Disney plus UK My daughter Lily(who is 26 and severely disabled ASD) loves Disney and is sad she cannot see these in the UK Hopefully soon