The finale of “The Mysterious Benedict Society” hits Disney+ this Friday. Over the past 8 weeks, we’ve slowly peeled back the layers on what’s going on the Island, what Dr Curtain is up to and got to slowly get to know the team members.

In this final episode, things pick up steam, with Dr Curtain finally being confronted by the kids over what he is doing to people and more importantly, we finally get to see the two brothers come face to face for the first time since they were separated at the orphanage.  It’s not quite how I had imagined the show to end, but it made sense, with “The Emergency” coming to an end.  There wasn’t a big explosive blowout, but that kind of makes sense when you’ve seen how all the characters have acted throughout the show. They use their brains and words, not actions or violence.

“The Mysterious Benedict Society” has been one of my surprise hits of the summer. It wasn’t high on my radar, as I knew nothing about the book, and so it was completely new to me.  I was able to come into this series with no expectations and was pleasantly surprised.  It’s got a lovely charm about it; it’s a little quirky and old fashioned.  Setting the show in the 70s means it can be stripped back, where technology is still new and dangerous.  While I grew up in a world without the internet, I can imagine that this show is a little harder for younger audiences to enjoy, since they’ve lived in a world with the internet their entire lives and having a group of kids trying to communicate to their friends through morse code and a falcon, might be strange.  But I loved it.

As you would expect with this episode, everything that’s been building up over the past 2 months finally comes to something.  One of only my few complaints about the show was that at some points through this series, things slowed down a little too much.  Thankfully, that isn’t a problem in this episode.

There are a few little things that niggled me about this episode. There are a few special effect shots, which just look bad.  This is a shame. For the majority of the series, I felt this show had a movie-level quality to it.  It’s also very noticeable the number of people on screen at any one time had to be drastically cut due to filming in a pandemic.

As you might expect, with this series being based on a book, which has spawned some sequels, there is a cliffhanger ending, which, fingers crossed, hopefully, sets up a potential second season for the show.  I hope it does, as I’ve really enjoyed this show.  While I might have preferred a little more action in the confrontation, it made total sense how the crisis was prevented.

Overall, the finale of “The Mysterious Benedict Society” met my expectations and finished on a high, with all the boxes ticked and the story concluded, with a hint of potential adventures!

Rating 4 out of 5.

The finale of “The Mysterious Benedict Society” is coming to Disney+ on Friday 6th August.

Roger Palmer

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