In the penultimate episode of the series, tensions are at fever pitch as “The Mysterious Benedict Society” get closer to stopping the evil Dr Curtain from using his “Whisperer” to do something terrifying to the world, through his subliminal messaging machine.

The kids are getting closer to working out what’s going on, but Kate becomes frustrated with the other team members and goes out on her own to find out more, in the hope of stopping what’s coming.  This as you might expect doesn’t go well, when she is almost caught, leading to the entire island going into lockdown as Dr Curtain and his henchmen try to track down the intruder.

Meanwhile, the adult members of “The Mysterious Benedict Society” are busy trying to work out how to extract the children from the island, but also becoming aware of the power of the “Whisperer”, when they find out about the blue beret experiment in last weeks episode.

As with most penultimate episodes in a series, this one leaves right on a cliffhanger, making you instantly wanting to jump into the finale to find out what happens, but sadly we have to wait another week to find out.  This episode takes everything that’s been built up already and just keeps building that momentum to go into that finale.  Everyone’s in place, everyone’s ready, everything has led up to this.

This episode did its job in getting me excited for the finale, I want to know what happens next, but also the question is, what happens to the gang afterwards?  Can everything be wrapped up in one episode, considering there are another three more books that could be turned into series, should Disney decide to keep this show going.  I really hope so, they’ve got something great with this show.  The cast is fantastic and it’s such a different style of show from your usual Disney+ Original.  It’s not based on an established franchise and is brand new (unless you’ve read the books).

Episode 7 didn’t disappoint and I really enjoyed it, the series was a little slow at times in the middle of the series, but generally, this is one of my favourite shows right now on Disney+ and if you haven’t already started watching it, please do.

Rating 4 out of 5

The seventh episode of “The Mysterious Benedict Society” is coming to Disney+ on Friday 30th July.

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