Following last weeks nostalgia-filled episode, this episode refocuses back on the growth of the “Don’t Bother’s” as they continue to improve their ice hockey skills.

In last week’s episode, we saw Evan get caught out after doing a practice session with the Mighty Ducks. This results in the whole team getting upset with him, with most of this episode focusing on how the team can get back together and become friends again.

After last weeks episode barely saw the kids taking part, this week everything goes back to basics as even the title of this episode is “Pond Hockey”, which gives a hint about what is going to happen, as the entire team are taken to a frozen pond to play ice hockey in the old fashion way and by just having fun together, they realise why they joined the team in the first place.

It’s a nice setting for this episode, as the Ice Palace setting is rather depressing.  The only thing about the whole frozen pond aspect, is that for those of us that live in places without much snow or ice, and have to go to the nearest rink to ice skate or wait for the temporary ice rinks at Christmas, the pond setting doesn’t mean much, and I doubt many parents would be happy letting kids play on the ice.  Though at least Alex acknowledges this to some degree.

The romantic element of the series between Alex and Bombay is also just put on the backburner, slowly simmering away while doing nothing, which is a bit of a disappointment.  With these 25+ minute episodes, everything seems very focused on one main topic. The other side storylines are just left alone since the show uses the recap opening credits to hit home any important plot points whenever it needs to get the story over, rather than reinforcing them with something new.

This episode is filled with lots of solid feel-good moments. Still, they are often just overused sporting cliches, which left me feeling a little anti-climatic, especially in the final moments of the episode, since it all just seemed way too corny.   While it’s important that the team got back together, I was expecting the drama to last a little longer and to be stretched out before the finale.  But that doesn’t happen, and while the team is better after this episode than before it, the whole episode felt like it was counting down the clock on filling out the season with an episode, rather than going for the big win.

Rating 2.5 out of 5






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