The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers hits the midway point in this episode, and the pace slows down, shifting focus from the kids learning how to play hockey and onto more personal issues.

The main plot of this episode is about Evan’s relationship with his musician father, who constantly lets him down and is rarely around.  When his father comes to town, it throws Evan off his game, but the Coach Bombay steps in to improve things and impress Alex along the way.  We get to see Bombay thawing out his cold exterior that we saw in the first few episodes and being much more likeable.

One of the things I really enjoyed about this episode is how it shifted the attention away from the children’s problems. Seeing Alex and Bombay’s relationship starting to move into a more romantic place, it made the show more relatable.  School issues are perfectly fine for a Disney Channel show, but Disney+ represents the whole family, so it’s nice to have some things in this show for older audiences.

There is a secondary plot that involves Maya and Lauren becoming closer as friends because of the hockey team, but still struggling to deal with one another outside of practice, especially with their friends from other cliques.  It’s a bit corny, but it makes sense with the idea of bringing together a group of kids from different backgrounds.

This episode is just a stepping stone in moving Alex and Bombay’s relationship on and becoming a father figure for Evan, since his own father just isn’t reliable.  I liked how this story plays out because Bombay never played any dirty tricks or tried to get one over Evan’s dad. He just wanted to do the right thing by Evan, while scoring some browny points with Alex.  It was refreshing, as they could have easily gone in a different direction.

Episode 5 is a solid episode, the pace is slowed down, and the focus is less on hockey, and more on the team, which I enjoyed.  The advantage of doing “The Mighty Ducks” as a series, is that they’ve got more time to spend building the characters, as I can’t help but feel this episode would have been cut had it been a movie instead.  As with most series at the halfway point during a season, it’s all about enforcing everything we’ve seen so far and setting up the final act.

Rating 3.5 out of 5.


Episode 5 of “The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers” arrives on Disney+ on Friday 23rd April.

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