Last week, Disney removed the 1990s Marvel animated series “The Incredible Hulk” from Disney+ around the world and today, the series has returned.

The show ran for 21 episodes across two seasons and debuted in 1996.   however, the series was originally mistakenly uploaded as a single season when it was originally uploaded for the Disney+ launch.

The series has now been split correctly into two seasons.

Recently, Disney removed “Spider-Man: The Animated Series” from Disney+ for a short period while they did some technical fixes, as the show had been incorrectly been uploaded as one season, rather than five.

“The Incredible Hulk” tells the story of research scientist Bruce Banner who is blasted with a gamma-ray bomb during an experiment gone wrong, he develops a dangerous alter ego — a mean, green monster known as the Incredible Hulk — who emerges when he gets angry.

Will you be checking out “The Incredible Hulk” on Disney+?


Roger Palmer

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