Disney+ in the United Kingdom and Ireland is getting a brand new murder mystery series this week from Australia called “The Gloaming”. The show was made by Disney’s ABC for the streaming service “Stan” in Australia and has been released on “Starz” in the United States.

“The Gloaming” kicks off with a flashback scene to 1999, where two teenagers head into what they think is an abandoned building, only for one of them to get shot.

We then flash forward to the present day, where a body of a local woman being found by a waterfall, with suspicious circumstances, along with a school ID of the girl who was killed in the opening scene.

This results in the local Tasmanian police calling in some help from the mainland, which results in a detective being forcefully sent to Tasmania against his will. He has a good reason for this, since he was one of the two teenagers who we saw in the opening scene.

The first episode of “The Gloaming” is all about setting up who the main characters are, teasing that the two detectives have a personal history together and something weird is going on in the town. With many of the locals acting strangely and generally being very suspicious.

You just don’t know who’s done what, as everyone is acting weird and this lets your brain wander off, trying to put the case together. Putting the puzzle together piece by piece.

“The Gloaming” as you would expect, is very brooding, it’s dark and also cold. Tasmania is a very tough landscape and the director really captures that bleak natural ruggedness of the island. The snow across the mountains and the overall vibe of the town really jumps off the screen as It’s not just the landscape that shows what a bleak place Tasmania is, everything is just a bit old and grubby.

This is a serious murder mystery series, with a hint of the dark supernatural. There are some pretty horrific graphic scenes, that might not be for everyone, but it showcases the reality of being a police officer dealing with murders.

It’s certainly a different type of Star Original and it shows how the addition of Star really helps offer much more variety to its subscribers. It’s certainly not for kids and gave me an “X-Files” vibe, but with a modern supernatural twist. I wasn’t too sure what to expect when watching the first episode, but this is another great addition to the original library of shows on Disney+.

The first episode of “The Gloaming” is a great introduction to the location and the characters, while giving nothing away as to what’s really going on. It certainly caught my attention and much like “Big Sky”, is going to be a show that my wife and I can enjoy together in the evening. It’s as she put it, “a proper TV show”. It’s a show that gets you thinking and I really enjoyed it.

Rating 4 out of 5

The first episode of “The Gloaming” arrives on Disney+ in the UK and Ireland, on Friday 11th June, with new episodes dropping weekly every Friday.

Roger Palmer

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