In this What’s On Disney Plus Club Review Podcast episode, Roger and Jeremey discuss the 20th Century Studios film “The Sandlot”. If you enjoy our podcast, please consider supporting it via our Patreon or as a YouTube Channel Membership from as little as $2 a month and get access to exclusive content and much more. […]

“You’re killing me, Smalls!” With that one line, one of the most beloved Disney sports movies for kids captured the hearts of many American children in “The Sandlot.” It’s the story of a young boy who moves to a new town and finds an amazing group of friends to play baseball with during the summer. […]

After briefly disappearing from Disney Plus, The Sandlot and The Sandlot 2 will be sliding back onto the streaming service on July 2. Since its DVD release in the early 2000s, the original film has become a cult classic thanks to classic lines and a heavy helping of nostalgia. But you probably don’t know about the […]