Marvel unleashes a cabal of monster hunter. Andor continues his journey to becoming a full-fledged member of the Rebellion. We learn more about the man who managed to take She-Hulk’s blood. And follow a team of Shipwreck Hunters off the coast of Australia. Let’s check out what to watch this weekend on Disney+. WEREWOLF BY […]

Disney has released some new images from the upcoming Australian original series, “Shipwreck Hunters Australia”, which will be coming to Disney+ around the world on Wednesday, 5th October 2022. A unique team of adventurous divers and underwater filmmakers are joined by expert maritime archaeologists on the hunt for long-lost shipwreck secrets. Led by an obsessed […]

Disney has announced that the Australia Disney+ Original series, “Shipwreck Hunters Australia” is coming to Disney+ in the United States on Wednesday 5th October 2022, which is the same day the series also releases in Australia and New Zealand, making it likely this series will be released globally on the same day. A unique team […] Disney has announced that the new Australian Disney+ Original series, “Shipwreck Hunters Australia” will premiere on the platform in Australia and New Zealand on 5th October 2022. “Shipwreck Hunters Australia” follows a fearless team of ocean adventurers as they deep dive to find - and bring to life - some of the world’s most [...]