Disney’s brand new documentary series, Prop Culture, which is hosted by film historian and prop collector Dan Lanigan.  The first episode is focused on the 1960’s classic movie, Mary Poppins. Dan travels around America to meet people from behind the scenes including Richard M. Sherman, Karen Dotrice, Saving Mr Banks actor Jason Schwartzman, along with […]

With people around the world staying home, many of us are looking for something fun to watch and Disney’s Family Singalong is a perfect way to bring people together. This special brought in over 10 million viewers when it aired on ABC last week and it’s quickly been added to Disney+, where no doubt it […]

National Geographic is celebrating this year’s Earth Day, with a brand new documentary, Jane Goodall: The Hope, which is a follow up to the 2017 documentary Jane (which is also available on Disney+). In this documentary, we get to see a behind the scenes look at the life of the environmentalist, how she travels the […]

In a 10-year stretch, Disney went from a struggling company that had at one time made great animated films to the animation empire we see today. “Waking Sleeping Beauty” takes an in-depth look at how, following one of the greatest critical and commercial failures in the company’s history, changes were made to bring the company […]

The Perez and Robbins families are back for round 2 in the Disney+ Original Cooking Show “Be Our Chef.” This week the families take inspiration from “Alice in Wonderland” to make a tea party themed dessert. I continue to be in awe of what these families can do in just an hour. Each week I […]

In this semi-final episode, six teams need to create spacecrafts that are capable of transporting eggs, with three teams moving onto the final episode, to crown the shows champion. With this episode consisting of six teams, the time spent showcasing how they built their rockets is greatly reduced, which improves the pace of the episode.  […]

Walt Disney’s most famous creation returns to the big screen as a part of one of the most ambitious animated films of all time. “Fantasia” takes several animated short scenes and sets them to classical music. “Fantasia” is Disney’s third animated feature length film. It wonderfully weaves in beautiful pieces of music from Bach, Tchaikovsky, […]

Two families are back at it to compete for the Disney cruise vacation in the latest episode of the Disney+ Original Series “Be Our Chef.” The third episode welcomes the Perez family, the fifth and final family in the competition, for the first time and the Merrill family, back after losing their first match in […]

Some of the most well known Latin performers gathered in Los Angeles to bring the music of “Coco” to life at the famous Hollywood Bowl. This 45 minute concert allows fans to hear live performance of one of the best received Pixar movies while paying tribute to the Mexican culture. I love concerts like this […]

On this Easter Sunday, we’re going to take a look back at the only film on Disney+ to specifically deal with Easter, “Winnie the Pooh: Springtime with Roo.” This “Winnie the Pooh” takes a look at Roo’s excitement for Easter and Rabbit’s insistence that Easter Sunday is “Spring Kleening Day.” In just under an hour […]

“Disney Insider” is back to give us a look at some of the goings on inside the House of Mouse. This week’s episode puts the spotlight on the a new Hulu original series; “Little Fires Everywhere,” the DisneyNature documentary; “Elephant” and the Dcappella group’s cover of the song “Eye to Eye” from “A Goofy Movie.” […]

Following Disney’s purchase of 20th Century Studios, The Simpsons are now slowly being introduced into the Disney family and the first release is a short called “Maggie Simpson in ‘Playdate with Destiny”. This short originally debuted in front of Pixar’s Onward in cinemas and much like that movie, it has been added to Disney+.  And […]

Disney takes the formula that makes its Renaissance movies so popular and shows us a whole new world. In 1992, the Walt Disney Animation Studios adapted the tale of Aladdin and turned it into one of its most loved hits. The likable protagonist, the smooth and intelligent villain, the understandable plight of the princess and […]