Donald Duck is a sea captain looking to whip his nephews; Huey, Dewey and Louie into shape in the 1939 short, “Sea Scouts.” The trio get thrown into life preservers when the anchor gets stuck, Donald gets hit by the mast, and Donald has to flee a shark. In the end, the hat Donald has […]

In this final instalment of the original franchise, Caesar (Roddy McDowall) and MacDonald (recast with Austin Stoker) maintain a fragile peace between apes and humans 10 years after societal anarchy and nuclear war. Unfortunately, a journey to find answers from the past may lead to an inevitable Armageddon in the future… In the previous review, […]

A rat dreams of becoming of world class chef and gets the chance to live that dream by controlling a helpless restaurant worker in the 2007 Pixar film, “Ratatouille.” Remy has a unique skill for a rat that leads to his father putting him in charge of sniffing out poison, but once he gets separated […]

Mickey, Donald and Goofy are building a boat to set sail in the 1930s Walt Disney Animation Studios short, “Boat Builders.” Mickey Mouse orders a boat from a kit and works Goofy and Donald to build it. But, as with any animated short featuring these three, nothing comes easy and that ends up leading to […]

Set 18 years after the events of the previous film in the “future” that is 1991, Caesar (the offspring of the late Cornelius and Zira) can no longer hide in the shadows and watch his ape brethren mistreated by humans… Regular readers of my reviews may remember that I criticised the previous film in this […]

The Walt Disney Animation Studios takes on the classic British author Charles Dickens in this unique version of the tales of “Oliver Twist” called “Oliver and Company.” Joey Lawrence plays Oliver an orphan cat who is taken in by Dodger, voiced by Billy Joel. While trying to help a thief rob a rich girl, Oliver […]

Disney gets its first ever PG rating and a film flops bad enough that it changes the creative direction of the animation division in the 1985 Walt Disney Animation Studios film, “The Black Cauldron.” It’s based on the first book in the five part series, “The Chronicles of Prydain.” While a young boy dreams of […]

Scrambling to survive the destruction of their society, 3 ape scientists go back in time to then-contemporary 1970s America. However, their search for refuge only serves to sew distrust and throws up questions on intervening against a potentially inevitable future… How do you continue a franchise that tried its hardest to end after two films? […]

Donald has taken up golf, but keeps getting distracted by birds, his nephews and trick clubs and balls in the 1938 Walt Disney Animation Studios short, “Donald’s Golf Game.” The short starts with Donald spending some quality time with his nephews; Huey, Dewey and Louie. But, as birds and the boys keep making noise, he […]

A woodland creature and hunter’s pet strike up an unusual friendship in the 1981 Walt Disney Animation Studios film, “The Fox and the Hound.” Tod is an abandoned fox who is adopted by an old widow who likes to take care of things. Copper is a puppy who has been adopted by a hunter who […]

Mickey, Donald and Goofy go on an adventure in a house that converts into a car and trailer in the 1938 Walt Disney Animation Studios short, “Mickey’s Trailer.” We get to see their adventure as Goofy drives while Mickey makes breakfast for the trio. They convince a cow to join them so they can get […]

In this direct sequel to a sci-fi classic, Brent (James Franciscus) follows the trail of fellow astronaut Taylor (Charlton Heston) and ends up in a very similar predicament. In the process of looking for his colleague, he unearths a society that could mean doom for the entire planet… Beneath the Planet of the Apes is […]

A pair of mice on a mission to rescue an orphan girl who was kidnapped and made to hunt for a special diamond in the 1977 Walt Disney Animation Studios film, “The Rescuers.” Penny has been kidnapped from an orphanage in New York and taken to Louisiana because she is small enough to fit in […]

In this science fiction classic, three astronauts led by Taylor (Charlton Heston) embark on a long-distance space journey, only for problems to lead to crash landing on a seemingly alien planet and being captured by intelligent apes that oversee a caveman-like slave race… My history with the original Planet of the Apes is admittedly slightly […]

Mickey Mouse is a tailor in the Middle Ages whose mouth gets him in trouble and forces him to take on a giant in the 1938 Walt Disney Animation Studios short, “The Brave Little Tailor.” It’s Disney’s take on the classic fairytale from the Brothers Grimm. Mickey Mouse finds a way to stop the giant […]