Disney takes time to honor those who have contributed to the company’s success by recognizing them as Disney Legends. One of the Disney Legends is Bill Farmer who worked in animation. He is best known as the voice of Goofy and Pluto but has also provided countless other voices over the years. Let’s take a […]

If you love dogs, there are many options currently available on Disney+ to satisfy any and all of your doggie cravings, from the classics to more modern offerings. If you are in the mood for classic Disney dog movies, there are a few versions of 101 Dalmatians to view. There is the animated original from […]

Mickey Mouse and Pluto go searching for a Christmas tree, but the one they bring back has a pair of chipmunks; Chip and Dale; living inside it, leading to Pluto nearly destroying the house trying to catch them in the 1952 Walt Disney Animation Studios animated short, “Pluto’s Christmas Tree.” This is one of the […]