Viacom held a special event to showcase its new streaming service “Paramount+”, which will be launching in the United States on March 4th, when it rebrands CBS Access.    Here were a few key points related to Disney regarding Paramount+, including: Indiana Jones Paramount holds the distribution rights to the four Indiana Jones film, Paramount+ will […]

Viacom CBS has announced details of its rebranding of it’s streaming service, CBS Access, to Paramount+, will launch in the U.S. on Thursday, March 4th, 2021. ViacomCBS will also bring Paramount+ to international markets with initial debuts in Latin America on March 4th, 2021; the Nordics on March 25th, 2021; and Australia in mid-2021. The […]

Today, ViacomCBS announced that it will be rebranding CBS All Access into “Paramount+”, in early 2021, following the naming convention of Apple TV+ and Disney+.    The new streaming service is building on a legacy of innovation and superior storytelling that distinguishes one of the most iconic brands in Hollywood, with a range content including, […]