Ever wonder what Thor would be like if he were in an episode of “The Office?” That’s kind of the point of the 2016 Marvel One-Shot, “Team Thor Part 1.” This One-Shot is set up like a satirical documentary that looks at what Thor was possibly doing during the events of “Captain America: Civil War.” […]

Following the events of World War II, Agent Peggy Carter is still working for the Strategic Scientific Reserve, but is now facing sexism from her superiors that she didn’t experience in the events of “Captain America: The First Avenger.” Growing frustrated by not going on missions, she takes it upon herself to go on a […]

Following the battle of New York, SHIELD has recovered all Chitauri artifacts that fell from the sky that day except for one. Now, Agent Sitwell must recover a gun in the latest Marvel One-Shot, “Item 47.” The Chitauri gun has been found by a down and out couple. When the man figures out how to […]

Disney+ is filling out its Marvel library by adding some of the one shots that connected the early movies in the days before we knew the Marvel Cinematic Universe was going to be a hit. One of the first is “The Consultant” which establishes how Tony Stark helped the agency after the events of “Iron […]

It’s Friday and time to take a look at what’s new on Disney+ today in the United States and Disney has surprised us with the addition of a number of Marvel Studios One-Shots, which were originally released as extras alongside the home video releases of many great Marvel films. Here’s the rundown: The Consultant Agents […]

Disney+ has added a new collection called “Marvel One-Shot” featuring a number of live-action short films that were released as extras on home video released of selected Marvel films.  These shorts helped bridge the gap between the Marvel films and expanded some characters. This collection can be found within the “All Collections” section within Disney+. […]

Trevor Slattery is now in prison for posing as the Mandarin and now he is dealing with prisoners who worship him, prisoners who hate him and the Ten Rings hunting him down due to his role in “Iron Man 3” in the 2014 Marvel One-Shot, “All Hail the King.” Slattery worked with Aldrich Killian in […]

In a surprise addition to Disney+ today, the Marvel One-Shot short film “All Hail The King” was added. This one-shot was initially released as an extra with the home video release of “Thor: The Dark World” and sees a documentary filmmaker (Scoot McNairy) interviews “Mandarin” impersonator Trevor Slattery (Ben Kingsley) to unlock the secrets of […]