We’re back for another Disney+ battle, and this week, there is a wide disparity between the two films. One is the final film of Disney’s Bronze Age of Animation. It served as a way to tell a classic literary tale while using dogs and cats. The other is a popular Pixar film that teaches about […]

Disney’s Bronze Age of Animation ran from 1970 to 1988. It was a time when the animation department was struggling creatively following the passing of Walt Disney in 1966. It lasted until Disney found its way with the formulaic musicals that made up the Renaissance. It’s sometimes referred to as the Dark Age because so […]

The Walt Disney Animation Studios takes on the classic British author Charles Dickens in this unique version of the tales of “Oliver Twist” called “Oliver and Company.” Joey Lawrence plays Oliver an orphan cat who is taken in by Dodger, voiced by Billy Joel. While trying to help a thief rob a rich girl, Oliver […]

In this episode of the What’s On Disney Plus Club podcast, Roger and James talk about the classic animated movie, Oliver and Company. What’s On Disney Plus Club Members get early access to these episodes and help pick new movies to discuss. You can become a member via Patreon or YouTube Memberships. If you enjoy […]