Disney has released a new teaser clip of its upcoming episode of Marvel Hero Project, Episode 108 – “Battlin’ Braden.  Which sees Braden travel the world delivering hearing aids, just like his own, to those who need them. Check out the clip below: You’ll find this episode of the Marvel Hero Project on Disney+ on […]

Disney has released some images and a preview clip of this weeks episode of Marvel Hero Project, Episode 107 – “Dazzling Lorelei”. Lorelei was born with half a heart, but really, she is all heart, working tirelessly to make sure other kids like her get the cardiac care they need. With her heart hug pillows, […]

Disney has released a sneak peek at the upcoming episode of Marvel Hero Project, Make Way for Jahkil, which will be available on Disney+ this Friday. Jahkil wanted to help the homeless people he noticed in his city, so he started distributing his Blessing Bags full of essential items. As he sets new goals to […]

The fourth episode of Marvel Hero Project tells the story of Hailey and her grandmother, who has Alzheimer’s, with Marvel  and how she has put together a support group for young people to deal with their family members with the disease using puzzles. This is once again a lovely story about a young person with […]

This Friday sees the release of the fifth episode of the Disney+ Original series, Marvel Hero Project and we’ve got some preview images, plus two clips from the episode. Rebekah is on a mission to shield others from hate, and make the world a safer, more loving place for everyone. Raising awareness for LGBTQ youth […]

Disney has released two new clips from the upcoming episode of the Disney+ Original series, Marvel Hero Project.   The third episode is called “Unstoppable Adonis”, When Adonis lost his eyesight at age 5, he didn’t lose his ambition to one day play professional football. Now, as a celebrated running back for his high school team, […]

Disney+ launched this week with an array of different shows and series, however the upcoming Marvel live action series like Falcon and the Winter Soldier are currently in production, so the only new Original Marvel show on Disney+ to begin with, is the Marvel Hero Project. The series reveals the remarkable, positive change several young […]

Disney has released a sneak peek at the second episode of Marvel Hero Project, which will be available on Disney+ on Friday 15th. Elijah’s extraordinary empathy is his superpower. Speaking out to prevent child abuse, he has galvanized children, adults, and those in public service to join him in his rallying cry to protect the […]

During the D23 Expo, Marvel announced some more details on the upcoming Disney+ Marvel’s Hero Project series.  This series will be the first-produced non-fiction, unscripted series by Marvel New Media. The first episode of Marvel’s Hero Project, will premiere with the launch of Disney+ on Tuesday, November 12, with the remaining episodes will be released weekly on Fridays, starting […]