For over two decades, Disney and Pixar have collaborated to tell inventive, inspiring, and deeply personal stories. The Disney+ service has allowed Pixar to further expand on their slate of original content, beginning with the release of all-new SparkShorts short films. One such SparkShort, LOOP, tells the story of a non-verbal autistic girl on a […]

Pixar’s Sparkshorts program has given us some gems since it started being released in 2019, and my personal favourite short so far has been Erica Milsom’s wonderful short “Loop”, which follows Renee (a non-verbal autistic girl) and Marcus, which was released in January of 2020, let me explain. Back in 2011, at the age of […]

The Disney+ Original SparkShort “Loop” has named “Best Short in Show” at Siggraph’s annual Computer Animation Festival Electronic Theater competition. This event was held virtually due to the Coronavirus and the event is viewed as a qualifying festival for the Academy Awards, which means that “Loop” is likely to be a contender for an Oscar […]

Disney has recently released the soundtrack to the Disney+ Original SparkShort, Loop. The album has been composed by Mark Orton, who has previously worked on Nebraska, The Good Girl, and My Old Lady. The soundtrack is now available to stream/download on It’s available now on digital platforms on Amazon. Here is the tracklist: 1. You […]

“I have enough information to make an official diagnosis of autism.” Those words hit me like a punch to the gut. My son was just 23 months old when he was diagnosed. He was delayed on several key development milestones. In the almost four years since that diagnosis, my wife and I have watched him […]

“Loop” is the sixth Pixar SparkShort to arrive on Disney+ and it tells the story of two kids at canoe camp find themselves adrift on a lake, unable to move forward until they find a new way to connect and see the world through each other’s eyes. It’s one of the shorter “SparkShorts”, but its […]