Disney is set to host its “Investor Day” event on April 11th, where it will be revealing lots of details on its new streaming platform, Disney+.  Just before the event, Disney announced details on some of its new non-fiction shows, which will also be coming at some point to Disney+. One of those new series […]

One of the new non-fiction series announced to be coming to the new streaming service, Disney+, as part of the “Disney Investor Day” early reveals is “Rogue Trip”. Here is the official details on this new series: Bob Woodruff and his 27-year-old son, Mack, take fans to all the places the average tourist wouldn’t typically […]

Just ahead of the Disney Investor Day, where lots of new details on its new streaming service will be announced.  One of the newly announced non-fiction series coming to Disney+, is “Shop Class”, though that name could change as its just a working title. Here are the details: Shop Class (working title) Youthful ingenuity is on […]

On April 11th, Disney is set to host its Investor Day event, which will be when the company reveals details on its new streaming platform, Disney+. Ever since Disney CEO Bob Iger announced Disney+ back in November 2018, there have been many questions about the service, with us being asked daily on social media, “When […]