Mickey, Donald and Goofy are ghost exterminators hired to remove four ghosts from a home. But, when they arrive, the trio finds the ghosts are the ones who called them, because the house has been abandoned for years and the ghosts are lonely. The trio inadvertently scare the ghosts away when they fall into molasses […]

Mickey and Minnie Mouse are back for another early Walt Disney short in “Ye Olden Days.” In this short, Minnie is a princess locked up in a tower because she refused to marry a prince, played by Goofy, picked out for her by her father. Mickey attempts to rescue her, gets capture and must duel […]

Walt Disney created Mickey Mouse’s best friend, Goofy, in 1932. Along the way, Goofy has appeared in many shorts with Mickey and friends as well as his own individual shorts, series and movies. We’re going to take a look at some of the best available Goofy shorts, series and movies currently on Disney+. A GOOFY […]