Funko has announced a micro collectible and tabletop game called Marvel Battleworld: Mystery of the Thanostones.  The new adventure game, based on the Marvel Universe, combines micro collectible characters, cards and gaming, allowing kids to battle against Thanos in gameplay unleashed through a Battle Ball. Each Battle Ball contains a surprise of two Marvel collectable […]

With the Disney+ Original series, The Mandalorian, being such a colossal hit and a cultural phenomenon, its not surprising to see Funko are going to be releasing another wave of Pop Vinyls featuring characters from the series. There are a couple variant versions of “The Child”, one holding a mug and another eating a frog, […]

Funko has announced a new collection of Pop Vinyls based on the upcoming Disney+ Original movie, Artemis Fowl.  There are three figures being released, Mulch Diggems, Holly Short and Artemis Fowl.    There is also going to be a limited chase version of Artemis Fowl available, with some glasses on and there will be a special […]

Funko has announced four new T-Shirts featuring “The Child” aka “Baby Yoda” from the Disney+ Original series, The Mandalorian, in a “Pop Vinyl” style artwork.  Each T-Shirt is priced at $14.99. Check out the new T-Shirts below:     These won’t be available until the Spring, but can be pre-ordered from retailers including Entertainment Earth.

Now that the first season of the Mandalorian has finished, Funko has announced a new wave of new Pop Vinyls. The new Pop Vinyls include Greef Karga, Heavy Infantry Mandalorian, Q9-Zero, Incinerator Stormtrooper, Offworld Jawa, Covert Mandalorian, The Mandalorian, The Armorer, The Client, and Deluxe the Mandalorian on Blurrg. These will be released in February […]