It’s been a week since Disney+ launched in the United States and Canada, which has seen over 10 million accounts created, many of them taking advantage of the 7 day free trial.  Now that the free trial has ended, its led to a surge in people searching how to cancel Disney+. According to the research […]

On Tuesday 19th, Disney released its new streaming platform, Disney+ in Australia, New Zealand and Puerto Rico.   Only last week, Disney revealed there a last minute delay for Puerto Rico’s Disney+ release by a week. Disney+ will offer fans of all ages a new way to experience the unparalleled content from the company’s iconic […]

It’s Monday and time to take a look at what’s coming to Disney+ later this week.  With Disney+ launching in Australia and New Zealand on Tuesday, Disney+ is still very much still in its launch window, so there still isn’t any confirmation of when new library content will be added to Disney+. However Disney has […]

The second episode of High School Musical series continues the story of a group of students trying to put on a Musical version of the original movie.   With this episode focusing on them reading through the script, which leads to more issues between the love triangle between Ricky, Nini and EJ. What causes the biggest […]

Many Disney+ subscribers have been having issues logging into their accounts since it launched on Tuesday and one of the reasons for this is, according to ZD Net, is accounts are being hacked. Some subscribers are saying they’ve been noticing strange names and additional profiles that have been created and added to their account. Others have […]

If you’ve been browsing through all the movies and shows on Disney+, but haven’t found what you’re looking for, because it’s not yet available on the new streaming service, you can now put in a request to Disney for it to be added. In the help section of the official Disney+ website, there is a […]

If you want to know how to cancel Disney+, here is how to do so: Log in to your Disney+ account via the app or your browser Click on the user profile icon in the upper right corner. Click Account from the drop-down menu. Click on Billing Details. You should now see your subscription details and […]

If you signed up to Disney+ on launch day and aren’t planning on continuing to subscribe to Disney+ or perhaps you’ve been having way to many errors and can’t watch anything, you might want to know how to cancel Disney+ before the 7 day trial ends. Log in to your Disney+ account via the app […]

Disney has announed a change to their upcoming movie theatrical release schedule, for movies released from now until December 2023 from the Walt Disney Studios, which includes movies from Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, Blue Sky Studios, Fox Searchlight and 20th Century Fox. Many of the movies on the release schedule are currently untitled, so […]

This week saw Disney+ launch in the US, Canada and in the Netherlands, which saw the new Disney bring in over 10 million subscribers to the new streaming service within the first few days. And according to the Wrap, on Tuesday, the app was downloaded 3.2 million times.  Which was broken down to 89% in […]

Disney+ launched this week and was able to sign up 10 million accounts, but the launch has been littered with users getting errors while watching or simply being unable to log in. Customers are struggling to get through to Disney+ customer support, with some users reporting they’ve spent 5 hours on hold, only to be […]

If you’ve already watched all the first episodes of the Disney+ Originals such as The Mandalorian, High School Musical or Encore, and are ready for some new episodes, you might be wondering when new episodes will be available. Disney confirmed that beginning November 15th most new episodes of each series will premiere on Fridays at […]

Disney+ has launched this week and many people are struggling with some issues, including getting “error codes”. The official Disney+ help page goes into more depth but here is a rough guide to these error codes and how to fix them. Error Code 4 This means Disney are having issues trying to complete your transaction. […]