The finale of the first season of the adult animated comedy series “Solar Opposites” comes to a close this week and this week, the series goes full science fiction with two interconnected stories.

One story sees Yumyulack enter a virtual reality hologram pod (much like the one in Star Trek), where he learns Jesse doesn’t like him and has programmed a nicer version of Yumyulack.  This results in some anger from Yumyulack before eventually realising he wants Jesse to like him and so is trained by his virtual counterpart to be nicer.  I enjoyed this story, it’s your typical brother vs sister tale, but ramped up with the use of holograms, frozen yoghurt and a gun that turns people into Game Boy cartridges!

While the other bigger story in this episode sees Terry and Korvo use a special pump up sneakers that can travel back in time to visit their home planet to become force ghosts that can only influence the past through the use of a spork duck-taped onto a wooden stick.  This leads to them constantly messing up the timeline, changing the future and they keep having to go back in time to fix it.

Episode 8 is bonkers, it makes no real sense but it’s so fun to watch.  “Solar Opposites” has been a real highlight of the “Star” launch on Disney+.  After so many adult animated comedies over the years like “South Park” and “Family Guy”, this series is a bit of a breath of fresh air.

With all the main characters being devoid of the usual human protocols, it frees them up to do things differently.  I think the shorter season also allows the writers much more flexibility than we’d see in other animated comedies.  They’ve been able to establish the basic idea of the show, but there aren’t really any rules in place of what can and can’t happen.

Episode 8 finishes off the first season nicely and thankfully we’ve only got a week’s break before the finale arrives on Disney+ on April 9th.

Rating 4 out of 5.


Roger Palmer

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