With 2021 behind us, it’s time to take a look forward to 2022 and the team at What’s On Disney Plus has been putting their tinfoil hats on to make some predictions on what they think is going to happen with Disney+ over the next 12 months.

Here are our Disney+ predictions for 2022:

Roger –  A Return To Major Announcements At Major Events

2022 will hopefully see the world return to some normalcy, with major events set to return in 2022 including Star Wars Celebration, D23 Expo, and San-Diego Comic-Con.  It would be great to see these events being used to showcase the biggest new Disney+ Originals and major announcements to be made in front of a large audience.  With those three events spaced out throughout the summer, it would be great to have Marvel return to Hall H in San-Diego Comic-Con to lay out some plans for 2023 and the same for Star Wars fans at Celebration.  With Disney+ once again returning to the D23 Expo to showcase some of the other originals heading to our screens in the years to come.  While I hope Disney+ Day does continue, spreading out the reveals throughout the year is probably better than the approach Disney took at the Investor Day in 2020.  It’s also just much more fun seeing actors turn up to announce things in front of a live audience!

Ethan – Percy Jackson Offical Greenlight

Disney, along with Rick Riordan, will officially confirm the Percy Jackson series is in development for Disney+. The series will use the “Volume” technology used to film “The Mandalorian” series and will have a budget of around $15 million dollars per episode. Season 1 will have between 8 and 12 episodes and will follow the first novel, “The Lightning Thief”.

Corban – Faster Playback Speeds

While Disney+ has not adopted much of the bingeing model with its new TV shows, many viewers still love to sit down and watch multiple episodes of a TV show in one sitting. Both Netflix and Apple TV+ have recently added options to change the playback speed of content on their services to make bingeing even easier, and I can definitely see this coming down the pipe for Disney+ soon.

Jeremy – Hispanic Stories Collection

As it looks to spread more inclusivity, I expect Disney to add a Hispanic stories collection, much in the same vein as its “Celebrate Black Stories” collection and its Asian and Pacific Islanders section. It could feature Coco & Encanto, as well as many more films on the service.

Roger – ABC Is Used To Boost Disney+ Content In The US

There have been many complaints from subscribers and shareholders over the lack of content for teenagers and adults on Disney+ in the US.  While I don’t think Star will be added to Disney+ in the US in 2022, nor will Hulu be folded into Disney+ yet.  With Disney adding multiple holiday specials to Disney+ from ABC in December, this hopefully could be a way of Disney expanding its general entertainment content, without rocking the boat too much.  ABC has many great shows and specials that could significantly increase the amount of content the entire family can watch together.  New shows like “The Wonder Years”, “The Goldbergs” and “Black-ish”, along with some additional family-friendly shows like “Modern Family, “Malcolm In The Middle”, or “Futurama”, could drastically increase the value of Disney+ until they sort out their plans with Hulu.

Ethan – Disney Adds A Celebrate Disabled Stories Collection

In 2022 I predict Disney will dive through its catalogue and make a dedicated Disney+ collection for content featuring actors and characters from backgrounds with disabilities. Some of the content featured will include “Loop”, “Hawkeye”, “Turner and Hooch”, and select “Xmen” movies.

Corban –  More Series Cancellations and Renewals

Within the first two years of Disney+, we have seen a ton of new TV shows drop onto the service for just one season. I expect in 2022 we’ll see many of these less-popular one season shows get an official cancellation, while others (maybe Forky Asks a Question, The Imagineering Story, or Disney Fairy-tale Weddings) may get greenlit for another run.

Jeremy – A New Muppets Special Or Series

The Muppets is the one franchise Disney owns, but hasn’t made overwhelmingly successful. Many Disney writers have suggested that Bob Chapek wants to focus on the brand. Following the additions of “Muppets Now” and “Muppets Haunted Mansion,” I wouldn’t be surprised if we get more Muppets content in 2022.

Roger – A Star Reshuffle

It’s been almost a year since Disney added Star as the general entertainment brand onto Disney+ in the majority of the world.  Star has brought some incredible shows and films onto Disney+ around the world including “Dopesick” and “Only Murders In The Building”.  But, Star has become a crowded hub, since it contains shows and films from many of Disney’s studios including FX, Searchlight, 20th Century, ABC, ESPN and also licensed content.   I’m hoping that Disney will expand out the Star section, either with more hubs, menus, sections and collections that can sort the vast amount of content available within the Star hub, since there is almost as much content in there as is in the other five hubs combined!  So I’m hoping we get hubs added for FX, ABC, 20th and ESPN to spread out the content, to make it easier to find.

Ethan – Eragon Series Picked Up By Disney

Disney looks at the fan push for then to remake Eragon. Eragon author Christopher Paloni will come on board to write the pilot for an official greenlight in 2023. The series will have a similar episodes count to other Disney+ Originals, which is between 8 and 12 episodes per season. The first season will be based on the first book in “The Inheritance Cycle” book series, also known as “Eragon”.

Jeremy – More Netflix Marvel Characters Will Return To The MCU

In late 2021, both Matt Murdock and Kingpin returned to the MCU with appearances in “Spider-Man: No Way Home” and “Hawkeye.” Now, that all of the rights to those characters have reverted back to Disney, they can be reincorporated into the MCU. Jon Bernthal has already expressed an interest in returning as “The Punisher.” Others may have to be recast (Krysten Ritter says she’s done playing Jessica Jones.) I doubt any will get a new series, but I bet the characters, themselves, will return.

Corban –  ABC Day-and-Date Releases

We’ve seen more and more ABC specials land onto Disney+ within days of their release on live television, and I’m expecting that 2022 will mark an even greater collaboration between ABC TV shows and the Disney+ service. While these shows often end up on Hulu, I would love to see even more ABC titles make their way over to the Disney+ lineup.

What do you think is going to happen to Disney+ in 2022?

Roger Palmer

Roger has been a Disney fan since he was a kid and this interest has grown over the years. He has visited Disney Parks around the globe and has a vast collection of Disney movies and collectibles. He is the owner of What's On Disney Plus & DisKingdom. Email: Roger@WhatsOnDisneyPlus.com Twitter: Twitter.com/RogPalmerUK Facebook: Facebook.com/rogpalmeruk

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  1. ItsMe January 1, 2022

    I really like the idea of re organising Star its a great tile and nearly the only part of Disney I watch except for Marvel and Star Wars but it can be a bit difficult finding stuff on it so maybe if Star could have its own tiles or something to keep Fx shows Seaechlight Movies, ABC, ESPN, and other stuff would be handy for searching. Also I think Disney+ will use shows to introduce new characters and expand the MCU possibly bring in Netflix characters (or new versions of them) or Xmen as a form of Time Variant in Loki or something in Dr Strange 2

  2. Steve January 1, 2022

    All of 20th century fox classic content 50s 60s needs to get on to the service .

  3. CrosswalkX January 2, 2022

    Hopefully there will be an Artemis Fowl TV series reboot. I also hope there will be a reboot of the Black Cauldron called Prydain Chronicles TV series. I would also like to see The Sword in the Stone as a TV series, I also want to see Narnia TV series covering books 4 through 7 on Disney Plus. There is already a Narnia TV series by BBC from the 1980s. I'm also predicting there will be warning labels for Disney Plus classic cartoons Mr. Mouse Takes a Trip 1940, Pinocchio 1940 due to Native American stereotypes. And warning labels on problematic Disney films with racism topics including Pocahontas 1995, The Hunchback of Norte Dame 1996, Ruby Bridges, The Color of Friendship 2000, Remember the Titans for the depiction of racism and how wrong it was. I'm also predicting there will be more classic Disney content including classic Donald Duck cartoons including Window Cleaners, Goofy cartoons like Goofy Gymnastics, Silly Symphony cartoons like The Flying Mouse, Mickey Mouse cartoons like Moving Day on Disney Plus which we need right away. I'm also predicting there will be more live action Disney films will be added to Disney Plus, Johnny Tremain, Son of Flubber, North Avenue Irregulars, Jett Jackson the Movie, Tower of Terror, The Jungle Book 1994 remake, Freaky Friday 1995 remake, Escape to Witch Mountain 1995 remake, Not Quite Human movies. I'm also predicting Disney Channel TV shows Welcome to Pooh Corner, Dumbo Circus, Alice Adventures in Wonderland, The All New Mickey Mouse Club, Danger Bay, Heidi 1993, Bear in the Big Blue House, Buzz Lightyear of Star Command, House of Mouse, The Famous Jett Jackson, Aaron Stone, Spellbound, Kids Incorporated. Disney Music videos from the 1990s, and Disney music videos like DTV, Disney's Sing Along. I hope these cartoons and live action films will finally show up on Disney Plus and I'm hoping for an Artemis Fowl TV series, Eragon TV series, Narnia TV series, The Prydain Chronicles on Disney Plus.

    1. Ernesto Chacon January 3, 2022

      A Narnia Disney+ series is unlikely as Netflix has the television/film rights to future projects based on the Chronicles of Narnia.

  4. Ernesto Chacon January 3, 2022

    Very good list, however, The Goldbergs isn't owned by Disney/ABC it's owned by Sony Pictures Television and it's the ONLY ABC series Disney doesn't own the rights to.

  5. Sam Nikolajevs January 3, 2022

    I'd like to see more Touchstone Pictures films added to Disney Plus, including Tough Guys and the Ernest P. Worrell movies. Plus, I'd like to see new Disney films in the classic-style 2D animation like they did with DisneyToon Studios.

  6. Zorro fan productions January 3, 2022

    What happen with the Wilmer Valderrama Zorro series what is it supposed to come out this year 2022 when does it air ?

  7. Dan January 3, 2022

    As good as it is that characters from the Netflix Marvel shows like Daredevil have appeared in the MCU lately without being recast, it's very disappointing that these characters only seem to be turning up in PG-13 stuff. One of the reasons the Netflix Marvel shows stood out is that they were a much more mature take on the Marvel universe and not just "Avengers but now it's a TV show as well".