Episode 6 is probably one of the most important episodes from this series so far since it deals with Victor’s inner conflict.  He loves spending time hanging out with his girlfriend, Mia, but when she wants to take their relationship to the next level, Victor struggles to deal with his feelings and tries anything to get out of being intimate with her.

Since this episode, without the credits, it’s a pretty fast-paced episode if only around 20 minutes long.  It’s like the creators knew they had one point to focus on, and it is done perfectly, but without much subtlety.  The whole point of this episode is to prove Victor isn’t into girls. No matter how much he wants to be and how much he tries to force it, his true feelings can’t be controlled.

Throughout the series so far, I’ve also been loving one of the side plots involving Mia and Victor’s best friends, Felix and Lake, who start getting closer in this episode, as Felix shows his true feelings towards Lake.  It’s all very corny and awkward, if unrealistic, but delightful.  It also shows the exact opposite situation of Mia and Victor, because Lake and Felix do like one another.

There are some big takeaways from this episode, Victor spending time with Benji keeps building on their own connection, but also showing how being able to speak to someone can help.  Though he isn’t 100% truthful with Benji, the knowledge that he also used to have girlfriends sets Victor’s mind racing.  But it’s Simon who is having the most influence on Victor, them just being internet friends, with Simon giving his advice to Victor is such a vital part of this show, it also nicely connects the show to the movie.

Episode 6 has some big moments that feel like they’ve got the show back on track after the last few episodes have been less focused on the show’s core idea.  It might help build out everyone’s backstories, but with the many of the side characters being a bit one dimensional, I’m not sure some of it was needed.  I’m enjoying the series and think it is undoubtedly going to help many teenagers deal with their own issues.  It’s not perfect, but very enjoyable.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Episode 6 of “Love, Victor” is coming to Disney+ in the UK, Canada, Australia and other regions on Friday 19th March.

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