The finale of the first season of “Love Victor” finally arrives on Disney+ in many countries this week, and the series goes out on a high, with possibly one of my favourite episodes so far.

As with most High School TV shows, the finale takes place at the school dance, which begins with Victor and Mia heading off for the “perfect” date, while Felix and Lake rope in some other dates for the event, following Felix dumping Lake when she refuses to be seen in public with him.

This episode has everything I hoped it would have, there is plenty of teenage antics, and you can pretty much tell where most of the story is going, since it keeps to most of the high school dance troupes.  While still delivering something fresh!


Victor has finally come to terms with his sexuality and wants to let down Mia after the dance, so he is just trying to keep things together until the night is over, however when he is overheard talking to Benji, which sets off a chain reaction of events that sees Victor racing around for most of the episode trying to put out little fires.

There are some fantastic moments in this episode, which after 9 episodes, it is nice to finally get a little bit of closure on some of the storylines.  It’s all a bit cheesy, but it also helps set up the second season and boy, does this episode have one cliffhanger that left me wanting to know what happens next.

“Love, Victor” has been a delightful series, it’s a twist on your usual high school drama, and it’s a great way of getting some of these issues over to teenagers and their families in an easy format. With LGBTQ characters and stories becoming more important than ever, it’s great to see this series handle the problems a young gay person might have difficulties with.

Having finished the first season, I really do feel like Disney dropped the ball in not keeping this as a Disney+ Original and shipping it off to Hulu in the US and holding it back for Star internationally.   Many other Disney+ Originals, including “Big Shot”, “Mighty Ducks: Game Changers” and “High School Musical” have LGBTQ stories and characters, yet “Love, Victor” was sidelined, and I feel it’s a shame, since the show is still very tame and feels more in-line with an episode of “Hollyoaks” rather than “It’s A Sin”.

“Love, Victor” is certainly a highlight of the Star launch lineup, and I can’t wait for the second season to arrive eventually!

Rating 4.5 out of 5

The “Love, Victor” finale arrives on Disney+ internationally on Friday 16th April.

Roger Palmer

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